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Four channel CAN FD interface brings dynamic data acquisition benefits

5th June 2018
Mick Elliott

A four-channel CANary FD interface is being debuted by Accurate Technologies at this week’s Automotive Testing Expo Europe in Stuttgart. Visitors to ATI’s booth, number 1648, will be amongst the first to witness the compact, robust unit that will provide flexible compatibility with ATI’s VISION Calibration and Data Acquisition Software, and both non-ISO CAN controllers and ISO CAN FDs.

The competitively priced CAN FD also offers intuitive ease of use and enhanced performance over alternative systems and is scheduled for formal launch at the end of June.

“The CAN FD utilises the technology proven in our existing CAN product and offers significant performance benefits; customers will notice reduced flashing and download times, increased Data Acquisition capabilities and improved flexibility,” says Umesh Patel, ATI UK and India CEO.  “ATI strives to meet or surpass our customers’ expectations and is constantly seeking to innovate, bringing to market new technologies and updates that provide tangible benefits. CANary FD is designed to not only handle the increased data available on CAN FD networks, but provides ease of use for operators that streamlines workflow.”

ATI’s CANary FD connects easily to a PC using a USB and provides a simple method for data collection even when using non-ATI-specific software.

The unit has been designed to be more compact and robust than alternatives: the 38x64.2x20.4mm dimensions and 28.3g weight make it smaller and lighter than many 1- and 3-channel CAN interfaces.

All four channels are Galvanically Isolated providing a more robust solution than the PC isolation found elsewhere.

Another key feature of the CANary FD is the unit’s added simplicity. Each channel has its own mechanically switchable CAN termination, which eliminates the requirement for additional, external termination resistors.

This functionality aids packaging and set-up, and termination is even provided when the CANary FD is not powered.

OBDII diagnostics can also be carried out over CAN using a J2534 driver, which makes the CANary FD compatible with a wide range of software, providing users with a cost-effective interface tool.

It also enables operators to create custom applications that utilize the CANary FD with their own CAN interface.

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