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Latest EasySYNC USB Multi-Function Instrument Provides Cost Effective Measurement & Analysis

21st February 2013
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EasySYNC has added a new member to its highly popular Stingray family of multi-function test equipment products, with improved performance and a greater breadth of features. The new DS60M10 , which is part of its USB Instruments range, combines an oscilloscope, data logger, spectrum analyser, voltmeter and frequency meter in a single compact, lightweight and inexpensive product.
With dual channel operation, it offers 10-/8-bit data streaming simultaneously on both channels. As it is USB-based, drawing 500 mA from a standard interface port, it does not need connection to any other power source.

The DS60M10’s oscilloscope supports speeds of 60 MHz, while its data logger has a sampling rate that reaches up to 1 kSamples/s. The analog inputs of the built-in voltmeter have a maximum range of ±50 VDC (35 VRMSAC). For measuring high voltages use of differential probes is recommended.

The instrument is housed in an enclosure (with rubberised mouldings) that has dimensions of just 116 mm x 30 mm x 100 mm and weighs only 0.41 kg (excluding cable). This means it is highly optimised for utilisation in the field. A compact carrying case is provided.

The oscilloscope and data logger functions of the DS60M10 are supported by the newly enhanced EasyScope III data acquisition/manipulation software which is available to download royalty free. This has two oscilloscope/data logging channels with FFT spectrum analysis capabilities on each channel. It is now, for the first time, suitable for use with MAC based operating systems as well as Windows.

As Susan Maxwell, General Manager at EasySYNC, comments, “The Stingray offering has proved highly successful, giving engineers a very convenient and inexpensive way to carry out a variety of analysis tasks. This new addition to the family has the same packaging that users are already familiar with, while benefiting from great speed levels – thus enabling trouble-free upgrading.” “They also have greater system flexibility thanks to the option of MAC OS x support,” she concludes.”

The pricing for the DS60M10 is $249.00 for single units (with student discount available).

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