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Anodot’s autonomous analytics selected to predict potential failures

19th June 2019
Anna Flockett

Anodot has announced that MegaFon, Russia’s leading mobile phone operator, will be leveraging Anodot’s autonomous analytics to analyse and predict the impact of incidents on services for company subscribers. MegaFon, a leader in the telecommunications space and the largest fibre-optic network among Russian mobile operators, was the first operator in Russia to launch commercial operation of a third generation (3G) network and was the first operator in the world to launch commercial operation of an LTE-Advanced (4G) data network.

Anodot’s Autonomous Analytics is already implemented among leading telecommunications companies internationally, consistently yielding seamless customer service experiences across mobile networks and IT. MegaFon will use Anodot’s autonomous analytics for tracking and analysing data on information platforms for online analysis as well as identifying potential incidents as part of the use of digital services by company subscribers.

Given the extensive amount of customers and range of digital services like cloud, advertising, e-commerce, financial services and IoT, MegaFon is a company that receives an exorbitant amount of real-time metrics. Almost half of the company’s subscriber base relies heavily on mobile data, consuming enormous amounts each month. It is becoming increasingly essential that the company's digital products and network operations function smoothly for users.

“Simple tracking and forecasting of potential failures can take hours, sometimes days, and even then, it is almost impossible to predict all possible incidents,” said Andrey Knyazev, Director of BSS for MegaFon. “Anodot services will help us to receive information about possible problems instantly, which will allow us to quickly detect and prevent problems with quality customer service. Using autonomous analytics and incident detection, Anodot will help to provide an even higher level of service to our customers, 24/7.”

Using Anodot’s patented machine learning algorithms, MegaFon plans to begin analysing data from a variety of sources, from MegaFon BSS systems at scale, to delivering operational insights in real-time.

“We're thrilled to begin working with MegaFon to optimise their business operations and ensure seamless customer service,” said David Drai, CEO and Co-Founder of Anodot. “With the world’s growing dependency of mobile networks and the gradual implementation of 5G, it is becoming increasingly important to identify issues before they become catastrophic and help telco companies ensure the highest level of customer experience and service. Telco companies today have to monitor billions of metrics and identify minor changes as soon as possible, and that’s exactly what our technology offers. As Anodot expands globally, we will continue to help company become proactive, leveraging the latest autonomous analytics technology to fulfill our vision - autonomous business operations.”

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