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6-in-1 oscilloscope captures all important events

8th March 2015
Mick Elliott

The new 6-in-1 instrument 3000T X-Series oscilloscope from Amplicon has an 8.5in capacitive touch screen, bandwidth ranges of 100MHz to 1GHz, 5GSa/s (2.5GSa/s half channels) sampling rate, 4Mpts memory depth and an update rate of up to 1,000,000 wfm/s, allowing detailed and precise waveforms to be displayed. It allows as much of the waveform as possible to be observed with little blind time, ensuring no important events are missed.

With the 3000T’s touch screen controls, users are able to perform many tasks that would otherwise be time consuming or cumbersome, such as setting up triggers. This is because zone touch triggering is possible, with the user simply dragging a box over the event they want to trigger, followed by the selection of the trigger type. This reduces a long multi-step process into just two or three steps.

Alongside the high specification, which provides a clear and accurate display of incoming readings, the 3000T, a 6-in-1 instrument, gives users the ability to study their signals in greater detail and to carry out quick characterisation measurements without the need for additional instruments.

The integrated instruments include an MSO for mixed signal analysis, which provides 16 digital channels, where users can have up to twenty channels of time-correlated acquisition and viewing on the same instrument. The instrument has a 20MHz function/arbitrary waveform generator with stimulus output and modulation capabilities along with the ability for users to create or edit waveforms with the built-in editor.

There is also a 3-digit digital voltmeter (DVM), 8-digit counter, a protocol analyser with serial protocol trigger and decode options for SENT, CAN-FD plus others.

The 3000T has many features that are beneficial for research and analysis, such as having standard segmented smart memory, allowing for longer periods of time to be captured at high sample rates. This allows selective capturing to be done, so that users can capture only the signal activity and events that are important to them.

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