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3D inspections now cover solder paste

29th July 2019
Mick Elliott

The 3D AOI systems Basic Line · 3D and Vario Line · 3D from GÖPEL electronic can now also perform a complete solder paste inspection as well as placement control before the soldering process. In addition to the 3D/2D inspection tasks, the systems become even more flexible.

This is especially important for electronics manufacturers with a high product variety.

A large number of EMS service providers are specialists in the high-mix/low-volume segment. Quality assurance and flexibility in production can be a significant competitive advantage.

In order to be able to produce these small and medium quantities economically, the universal use of production machines and inspection systems as well as the early detection of possible defects is an indispensable requirement.

In addition to their regular use after soldering the assemblies, AOI systems can also carry out a placement check before soldering if desired, e.g. to detect incorrect components or reverse polarity in advance.

This reduces high repair costs or costs due to rejects of faulty assemblies.

With the AOI systems from GÖPEL electronic, all 3D inspection functions can also be used for solder paste inspection.

This can be performed in the inline process with the Vario Line · 3D as well as stand-alone with manual loading in the Basic Line · 3D.

These systems can also be used for inspection tasks to check paste volume, paste height, offset and short circuits.

Cost advantages arise in particular when the Inline 3D system is combined as an island solution with magazining stations for loading and unloading. Depending on requirements, it can then be used for one or the other application.

An additional initial sample inspection or placement inspection can then turn the Vario Line - 3D into a genuine all-in-one system.

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