Half brick 150W DC/DC converters offer 8:1 input range

5th July 2017
Alice Matthews

A series of 150W half brick DC/DC converters has been announced by XP Power, aimed at a wide range of applications where an ultra-wide input range are required. Conforming to the industry standard half brick footprint of 61.5x57.9x12.7mm (2.40x2.28x0.50"), and having pin out compatibility with existing industry standards, the QSB150 is highly efficient, typically up to 92%.

Available in six regulated single output models, covering all the popular nominal output voltages from 12-48VDC, a voltage trim function allows adjustment of ±10% of stated output if required to accommodate line losses or non-standard voltage requirements.

With an ultra-wide input range of 9-75VDC these units accept all nominal inputs of 12, 24 and 48VDC. By accepting three nominal battery voltages, using the QSB150 negates the need for a change in end equipment. Input to output isolation is 1,500VDC. A remote on/off input provides a method of sequencing start up and providing external control of the unit.

The QSB150 can operate in a wide range of environments and temperatures from -40°C to a maximum base plate temperature of 100°C.

The QSB150 complements the exiting QSB range of 75-600W base plate cooled modules in quarter brick, half brick and full brick packages with 2:1 and 4:1 input ranges and comes with a three year warranty.

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