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XP Power is committed to being a leading provider of power solutions, including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters. XP offers total quality, from in-house design in Asia, Europe and North America through to manufacturing facilities around the world. The company offers the widest range of power products available from one source and unrivalled technical and customer support, aiding both vendor consolidation and cost reduction programmes. XP has 27 sales offices throughout Europe, North America and Asia.

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21st September 2021
XP Power’s AC-DC power supplies for embedded applications

The LCW series of regulated output cased AC-DC power supplies, by XP Power, are designed for embedded industrial electronics and equipment that is required for household approvals.

26th August 2021
Using high voltage DC/DC converters in critical applications

Recognising the need for a highly reliable, high voltage DC/DC converter with precise output specifications is only the start of the design-in journey. Over the years, through observations in the field and conversations with design engineers, four challenges regularly present themselves when integrating high voltage DC/DC power modules into critical, long term applications. 

6th August 2021
Considerations for integrating high voltage power modules into critical applications

The design-in of high voltage (HV) power modules presents a number of challenges, some of which are application-dependent, says Hafiz Khalid senior high voltage product manager, XP Power

2nd June 2021
Open-frame convection cooled 80W power supply

XP Power has launched a new range of open-frame 80W power supplies that offer a compact and low-cost solution for a wide range of lighting, display, industrial and technology applications. The low-cost units offer a high specification at a competitive price point, ensuring their suitability for high-volume applications.

10th May 2021
Regulated high-voltage HRC05 DC/DC converters released

XP Power has released the HRC05 series of five watt regulated high-voltage DC/DC converters that delivers a fully adjustable and reliable output voltage up to 6kVDC in a small package. Models in the series provide design engineers working on high voltage integration with a complete set of features as standard in one compact footprint.

23rd April 2021
3kW AC/DC power supplies provide 150 to 800VDC

XP Power has announced the introduction of the HDL3000-HV series of single-phase input 3kW AC/DC power supplies with output voltages from 150V to 400VDC, with up to 800VDC realised by connecting units in series. All models feature output voltage and current adjustment ranging from zero to 105% using analogue (via voltage or resistance) or digital (I2C, RS485 and RS232) interfaces enabling the user to optimise and tailor the power solution to the ...

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13th April 2021
Sales soar 23% at XP Power in Q1

XP Power has reported revenues up 23% to £57.1m in Q1 2021 compared to £49.1m in Q1 2020. Trading in the first quarter of 2021 has been in line with the Board’s expectations, says the company.

12th April 2021
Cooled 75W AC/DC power supply released

XP Power has announced the availability of a new range of low profile, half brick, baseplate cooled AC/DC power supplies which require no external circuitry for operation or EMC compliance. Models in the new ASB75 series offer compact, fanless power with baseplate cooling for applications such as information technology equipment (ITE), Internet of things (IoT), general industrial and harsh or rugged applications.

18th February 2021
Enclosed AC/DC power supplies rated from to 100W

XP Power has announced the introduction of the LCS series of regulated output, convection cooled AC-DC power supplies that are well-suited to budget-conscious applications. The four new series (LCS35, LCS50, LCS75 and LCS100) offer power levels of 35, 50, 75 and 100W, respectively and feature class B conducted and radiated emissions for easy & low cost system integration along with an integrated connector cover to enhance safety once installe...

13th January 2021
XP Power 1,500W programmable DC power supplies

XP Power has announced the introduction of the PLS1500 series of 1,500W rated, 1U high, 19” rack-mount programmable DC power supplies. This latest extension complements the 600W PLS600 range for higher power equipment in a wide variety of OEM, industrial, and laboratory applications.

3rd December 2020
500W class II power supplies for medical devices

XP Power has announced a new range of 500W AC/DC power supplies that provide class II safety certification, including BF class insulation, for medical device applications requiring class II (without earth) installation and excellent EMC performance.

20th November 2020
Highly efficient non-isolated PoL switching regulators

XP Power has announced the introduction of the SVR surface mount and VR through-hole, non-isolated DC/DC switching regulators. With efficiencies of up to 96% and operating temperatures of -40 to +85°C, the Point of Load (PoL) devices are ideal as replacements for low efficiency linear regulators.

2nd November 2020
High voltage DC supplies with 10kW of regulated power

XP Power has announced the release of the XP Glassman BQ series of 10kW, high voltage DC power supplies for OEM, industrial and laboratory organisations requiring controllable DC power from zero to 15kV through to zero to 100kV. The fast response units feature tight voltage regulation of better than 0.005% for line regulation and 0.01% for load. Up to five units can be connected in parallel in a master-slave configuration to produce up to 50kW.

14th October 2020
New range of low-cost DIN rail mount AC/DC power supplies

XP Power has announced the release of three new series of DIN-rail mount AC/DC power supplies offering a compact, low profile and low-cost DIN rail solution for industrial electronics and controls and building management applications. The three new series (DRC30, DRC60 and DRC100) provide power levels of 30, 60 and 100W in an easy to integrate, lightweight package.

30th September 2020
HPT5K0 low profile 3-phase 5kW AC/DC power supply modules

XP Power has announced the addition of a low-profile enclosure to their HPT5K0 series of high-power density, high efficiency, 5kW AC-DC power supply modules. In common with the existing products in the range, the new HPT5K0-L units feature a three-phase, three-wire & earth, 180 to 528VAC input and they carry ITE/industrial and medical agency approvals.

6th May 2020
Versatile ECH450 compact power supply for healthcare

XP Power has announced the new ECH450 series of compact, high efficiency power supplies available in open frame or a range of enclosed formats.

16th March 2020
DIN rail mount DC/DC converters for ITE applications

XP Power has announced the availability of two new series of wide range input DC/DC converters. Their flexible specification allows devices with incompatible voltages to be easily integrated into industrial systems.

17th February 2020
PCB mount AC/DC supplies for cost-sensitive applications

XP Power announces the availability of two new series of PCB mount single output AC/DC power supplies that offer a convenient and cost-effective solution for modern domestic, Internet of Things (IoT), and industrial tech applications.

24th January 2020
Compact easy to use programmable DC power supply

XP Power has announced a new single output programmable DC power supply that is well suited for use in a wide variety of applications including laboratory, production, and embedded test & measurement. Multiple interfaces including USB, analogue, and LAN are built-in as standard, enhancing the flexibility and controllability of the unit.

5th December 2019
180W and 220W highly efficient desktop power supplies

XP Power announced the release of two new series of desktop power supplies that offer a highly efficient and low-cost solution for multiple applications. The new PSUs are ideally suited to provide the power, energy efficiency and cost requirements of increasingly capable modern industrial and technology equipment.  

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