Bidirectional level translator connects memory with processing

12th November 2020
Alex Lynn

Diodes Incorporated has announced the PI4ULS3V4857, a SD 3.0-compliant bidirectional level translator for use in communication, consumer, and computing system applications including smartphone handsets, notebooks, SD/MicroSD card readers, wireless access points, and 5G femtocells.

The PI4ULS3V4857 has the capacity to translate a 1.2 to 1.8V host side voltage into a memory card voltage signal of either 1.8 or 3.0V and vice versa. This allows SD 3.0 memory cards, which deliver much shorter transfer times than other data storage solutions, to be used in conjunction with the latest low-voltage microprocessors, SoCs, and ASICs.

With a clock rate reaching 208MHz, the PI4ULS3V4857 is able to support the fastest SD card interface currently available - SD 3.0 SDR104. This six-bit device is also suitable for SDR50 (100MHz), SDR25 (50MHz), DDR50 (50MHz), and SDR12 (25MHz) operation. Backward compatibility means that it can handle legacy SD 2.0 high-speed (50MHz) and default-speed (25MHz) modes too.

By removing the need for an external level shifter, significant board space is saved. The built-in 100mA LDO voltage regulator and electro-magnetic interference (EMI) filters help to further reduce the system component count and limit bill-of-materials costs. 8kV electro-static discharge (ESD) protection has also been integrated into the translator device, thereby ensuring long-term operation.

Supplied in a small footprint, 20-ball WLCSP package, the PI4ULS3V4857 is available now at a unit price of $0.50 in 3,000-piece quantities.

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