Automotive-grade fan driver ICs for small applications

23rd January 2018
Alice Matthews


Global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced new automotive-grade fan driver ICs for automotive and other applications where a highly reliable, ultra-small solution is needed. The US168KLD and US169KLD are automotive grade single-chip solutions for driving single-coil brushless DC fans and motors.

As a result of their soft-switching characteristics, they ensure low levels of EMI and acoustic noise, making them suitable for in-cabin automotive applications such as sensor fans as well as other applications such as cooling fans for wireless chargers, computing, audio and multimedia.

Configured as a full-bridge driver with the ability to drive motor currents up to 300mA and a supply range from 1.8-5V, the devices include a highly sensitive integrated Hall effect sensor. Built-in reverse voltage, locked rotor, and thermal protection ensure that the drivers are robust, even in challenging applications.

Both devices are housed in a tiny UTDFN6 package that is just 0.4mm tall and occupies only 3mm2 of PCB area, making them suitable for integration in ultra-thin fans. The US168 includes a tachometer (FG) output signal and the US169 includes an alarm (RD) output signal.

These fan drivers will be qualified to AEC-Q100, ensuring that they are reliable in the most stringent applications. Commenting on the new release, Dirk Leman, Fan Drivers Product Line Manager, said: “Cooling has always been an enabler for innovation, allowing to push limits of CPU calculation power, or avoid overheating of power supplies.

"As more electronics are integrated into cars, there is a growing need for automotive fans. These new drivers from Melexis ensure that the fans can be driven quietly and reliably, which consumers expect for in-cabin applications.

"As these automotive grade devices are fully integrated with no external components required, it is now possible to utilise the benefits of soft switching in the smallest fan applications.”

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