Combining a passion for technology with truly inspired engineering, Melexis designs, develops and delivers innovative micro-electronic solutions that enable designers to turn ideas into applications that support the best imaginable future. The company’s advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components address the challenges of integrating sensing, driving and communication into next-generation products and systems that improve safety, raise efficiency, support sustainability and enhance comfort.

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30th March 2023
Melexis completes its PCB-less pressure sensor IC platform

Melexis has released two relative pressure sensor ICs with extended robustness to harsh media.

16th December 2022
Melexis expands its portfolio of high-speed inductive resolver ICs

Melexis is expanding its range of automotive-qualified inductive resolvers for e-motor applications (power steering, traction motor, brake booster). The MLX90517 complements the MLX90510 by providing raw signals to enable off-chip compensation in the ECU.

8th December 2022
Melexis releases the magnetic position sensor of the future

The new MLX90376 is an absolute magnetic position sensor IC, handling 360° rotary automotive applications with strong stray field immunity (SFI).

22nd November 2022
Melexis unveils accurate automotive pressure sensor

Melexis introduces a new series of integrated pressure sensors. They are intended for use in automotive engine management.

11th November 2022
Melexis has the solution for EV battery current sensing

Melexis has announced the MLX91230 and the MLX91231. They offer access to shunt or Hall type current sensor technologies. These ASIL compliant devices can measure voltage, current and temperature. Customers will be provided with flexibility and design reusability in their electric vehicle (EV) power systems.

10th November 2022
Li Auto selected Melexis ToF for in-car gesture control

Li Auto Inc., an emerging Chinese EV OEM, has incorporated a new generation of intuitive gesture control system in its cars. The 3D camera at the core of this system integrates the Melexis MLX75027, the "world's only" automotive-qualified VGA resolution ToF (time-of-flight) sensor.

20th October 2022
Melexis smallest all-in-one LIN driver propels relay window lifters

Melexis’ LIN pre-driver IC for relay DC motors offers a combination of high power, compactness, and attractive pricing.

13th October 2022
MLX81143 sheds animated light on automotive LED drivers

Melexis launches its next member of the MeLiBu family, the MLX81143 LED driver.

5th July 2022
Melexis releases free online Current Sensor Simulator

The Current Sensor Simulator from Melexis simplifies the design and implementation of current-sensing technology using the company’s proprietary IMC-Hall technology. This tool enables customers to make decisions about device and shield selection.

30th June 2022
Beyond small, the world’s first pico-resolver

New Melexis 3D magnetic resolver IC is optimized for robust motor design: smallest footprint, programmable at module level, cost-effective and ASIL-ready.

16th June 2022
Melexis redefines the market with 3D magnetic sensors

Melexis expands its portfolio of 3D magnetic position sensing solutions with the introduction of the MLX9042x series. These sensors are intended for cost-conscious automotive customers who need to measure absolute position accurately and safely in harsh and noisy environments over an extended temperature range.

1st June 2022
Smart LIN motor pre-driver assists high power mechatronic miniaturisation

Melexis has introduced the MLX81346, a single chip LIN pre-driver for high power up to 2000W. The MLX81346 enables motor control miniaturisation and efficient silent drive with field-oriented control (FOC).

28th October 2021
Melexis pump driver ICs pushes lifetime boundaries to next level

In order to address more challenging customer deployments, Melexis has expanded its MLX90412 product offering. The latest version of this 2.2A automotive-qualified pump/fan driver IC is optimised to deal with high ambient temperature levels and supports prolonged operational lifespans.

28th September 2021
Enabling lighting differentiation

Melexis is helping automobile manufacturers gain a competitive edge, opening up opportunities to add animated lighting functionality to their vehicles. A combination of advanced multi-channel driver ICs and a license-free high-speed bus protocol provide the performance and scalability required.

21st September 2021
Melexis and emotion3D offer driver monitoring system

Semiconductor giant Melexis and automotive software leader emotion3D have partnered to offer a driver monitoring system with high-precision 3D driver localisation, to dynamically align augmented reality (AR) objects with head-up display (HUD) content.

23rd July 2021
Intelligent OLED controller for automotive applications

Melexis has developed an intelligent OLED controller that integrates all of the active components needed to realise combined point (LED) and area (OLED) lighting applications inside and outside the vehicle. Each MLX81130 can drive 25 LEDs/OLEDs and it supports the Melexis Light Bus (MeLiBu) interface. It allows simpler static and animated lighting system development. It is especially suitable for Rear Combination Lamps (RCL) or small OLED display...

5th July 2021
Melexis introduces free magnetic design simulator

Melexis has introduced a free, online tool for magnetic sensor evaluation and module design simulator. The online tool gives customers’ engineering teams the ability to design and simulate their own magnets based on Melexis’ Triaxis 2D/3D sensors. By using the simulation application, engineers can quickly design a custom magnetic sensor module to their own specification.

24th June 2021
Automotive current sensors introduced with overcurrent detection

Melexis has revealed next-generation current sensors for automotive power-conversion applications. The advantages they deliver include increased resolution, optional 3.3V or 5V operation, and integrated over-current detection circuitry.

10th June 2021
Position sensors launched for automotive applications

Melexis has expanded its portfolio of non-contact position sensors, with the addition of two new devices which complement the existing MLX90364/5/6/7 products. The MLX90421 and MLX90422 are based on the company’s proprietary Triaxis high-accuracy magnetic sensing technology. They have the same key features as the MLX90364/5/6/7 devices, but with some additional enhancements incorporated. 

28th May 2021
Position sensor announced with new PCB-less packages

Melexis has introduced the MLX90377 single- and dual-die (fully redundant) Triaxis position sensor for automotive and industrial applications together with a new PCB-less package for position sensors.

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