Experience the complete In-Cabin Monitoring solution at CES 2024

30th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Melexis and emotion3D are launching a revolutionary automotive in-cabin monitoring solution based on 3D time-of-flight technology (ToF). It overcomes limitations of established driver monitoring systems (DMS).

For the first time ever, experience the strength and increased reliability of 3D data during a live demo at CES 2024.

Legislative momentum for advanced driver distraction warning (ADDW) is quickly growing worldwide. Driver Monitoring Systems (DMS) strive to detect driver inattentiveness, fatigue, and distraction. Occupant Monitoring Systems (OMS) aim to provide occupant detection, classification, and body tracking to enhance passive safety through smart restraint control (RCS) and dynamic automatic suppression systems (DASS). 3D ToF technology offers the best performance to merge both DMS and OMS applications into a single camera solution.

3D ToF cameras utilising Melexis’ automotive-qualified MLX75027, true VGA ToF sensor, and emotion3D’s CABIN EYE software simultaneously generate IR and distance images, thereby mapping a full scene in three dimensions. This essential information is used to accurately assess driver fitness to drive, whilst indicating the location of other occupants in the vehicle, detect limb position, track movements and body or hand gestures. Direct access to measured distance data greatly improves image segmentation options, reduces the computational load, and thus lowers system cost.

“The combination of Melexis’ automotive track record in 3D sensing with easily accessible application software from emotion3D helps customers to overcome the challenges to create improved safety systems”, says Kristof Lieben, Product Manager at Melexis. “Overall, this joint offering significantly simplifies and accelerates the development of camera monitoring systems. It enables competitively priced solutions that will enhance safety for everyone on the road and can increase comfort and convenience for its users.”

“​This Driver and Occupant Monitoring System (DOMS) solution in partnership with Melexis showcases the latest technology in the field to combine three important concerns in the in-cabin environment: active safety, passive safety, and user experience” said Florian Seitner, CEO of emotion3D. “We hope to welcome many visitors from the automotive industry to come see the demonstrator in action at CES this January.”

CES visitors can experience the full potential of time-of-flight technology and talk to the Melexis team.

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