Combining a passion for technology with truly inspired engineering, Melexis designs, develops and delivers innovative micro-electronic solutions that enable designers to turn ideas into applications that support the best imaginable future. The company’s advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components address the challenges of integrating sensing, driving and communication into next-generation products and systems that improve safety, raise efficiency, support sustainability and enhance comfort.

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10th June 2021
Position sensors launched for automotive applications

Melexis has expanded its portfolio of non-contact position sensors, with the addition of two new devices which complement the existing MLX90364/5/6/7 products. The MLX90421 and MLX90422 are based on the company’s proprietary Triaxis high-accuracy magnetic sensing technology. They have the same key features as the MLX90364/5/6/7 devices, but with some additional enhancements incorporated. 

28th May 2021
Position sensor announced with new PCB-less packages

Melexis has introduced the MLX90377 single- and dual-die (fully redundant) Triaxis position sensor for automotive and industrial applications together with a new PCB-less package for position sensors.

11th May 2021
Low-voltage 3D magnetometer for consumer applications

Melexis has announced that it is targeting white goods, consumer electronics, and smart-metering applications with the MLX90392 three-axis magnetometer field sensor, which can operate from a 1.8V power rail shared with other components such as logic devices.

26th March 2021
LED driver extends lighting solutions for automotive applications

Melexis has introduced the MLX81117, its latest multichannel RGB LED driver. This new product supports the MeLiBu high-speed communication licence-free IP which enables intelligent animated automotive lighting concepts.

5th March 2021
Exclusive license agreement to enhance Time-of-Flight offering

Melexis has entered into a license agreement with Chronoptics, a specialist in the design and integration of Time-of-Flight 3D cameras. The agreement gives Melexis exclusive use of Chronoptics’ multipath and linearity error correction technologies in automotive applications. This includes ADAS for autonomous vehicles, and interior monitoring and safety systems. The companies will also work together to further improve and deploy the technolo...

28th January 2021
Current sensor IC eases assembly and boosts accuracy

Melexis has introduced the MLX91216 XHF extra high-field current sensor, extending the ease and accuracy of its unique IMC-Hall technology into high-current measurement for emerging automotive applications.

7th December 2020
Isolated integrated current sensors for automotive applications

Melexis has announced its second-generation of isolated integrated current sensors MLX91220 (5V) and MLX91221 (3.3V). The Hall-effect based current sensors are qualified for use in a range of automotive and industrial applications, such as On-Board Chargers (OBC), DC/DC converters, power supplies, and small electric drives. With 300kHz bandwidth, they suit a variety of power conversion applications lower than 50A RMS.

1st December 2020
Motor driver cuts material costs in automotive applications

Melexis has announced the third generation of its popular LIN motor driver for small motors targeting automotive mechatronic applications at up to 10W, including motor-controlled flaps and valves, and small fans and pumps.

24th November 2020
Melexis announces combined sensor for smart tyres

Melexis has unveiled the MLX91805 smart tyre sensor to help OEMs prepare for the forthcoming extension of mandatory tyre-pressure monitoring to include commercial vehicles, and to enable future generations of smart tyres.

5th November 2020
High accuracy current sensors optimised for e-mobility

Melexis has introduced the MLX91211 Hall-effect current-sensing IC. Two variants are offered, providing a choice of features and performance to satisfy cost-sensitive applications. These range from belt-driven starter generators to traction inverters for low speed electric vehicles and e-scooters, as well as industrial applications such as electrified forklift trucks and pallet trucks.

27th October 2020
Next-gen motorcycle fuel pump controller launched

Melexis has announced the introduction of the most powerful and cost-efficient version of its motorcycle fuel pump controller, helping manufacturers comply with tightening environmental regulation, including the BS-6 emission standards in India. The MLX80302 is a three-phase BLDC motor controller IC with a peak driving capability of 2.6A. 

13th October 2020
Low noise single coil fan and pump driver for industrial applications

Melexis has introduced a new single coil fan and pump driver IC with a peak driving capability of 2.2A. The MLX90412 combines high performance with low noise operation, making it ideal for a wide range of home appliances and industrial applications. Suitable for driving loads of up to 35W, it complements the previously released MLX90411, adding a high power option to the range.

Mixed Signal/Analog
24th September 2020
Hall-effect latch can switch at up to 10 kHz

A robust Hall-effect latch for cost-sensitive applications such as power tools, PCs, servers, and home appliances, with features that simplify design and ensure stable magnetic characteristics has been introduced by Melexis.

21st September 2020
Melexis unveils QVGA resolution ToF sensor to complete its Gen 3 portfolio

Melexis has announced the introduction and production volume availability of the MLX75026, an AEC-Q100 qualified QVGA Time-of-Flight (ToF) sensor. The MLX75026 is the third generation of QVGA ToF devices from Melexis and joins the wider product portfolio.

27th August 2020
RGB-LED driver brings interior lighting to life in automotive applications

Melexis has introduced MLX81116, a multichannel RGB-LED driver. The MLX81116 supports the MeLiBu high speed communication IP to enable intelligent animated automotive lighting concepts. The technology is already being leveraged by global manufacturers to enhance the safety features of their latest models.

23rd June 2020
Micropower magnetic node offers contactless 3D sensing

The Belgium-based global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions, Melexis has announced the MLX90395 Triaxis Magnetometer Node, an automotive-grade (AEC-Q100) monolithic sensor that uses the Hall effect to provide contactless 3D sensing in three dimensions. The dual-die version of the MLX90395 provides redundancy for demanding scenarios, such as gear lever position sensing in automotive applications. The functionality of the MLX...

7th April 2020
Linear Hall sensor for safety-critical applications

Melexis has announced the MLX91377 ASIL-ready Linear Hall sensor IC suitable for use in safety-critical automotive systems such as electric power-assisted steering (EPAS).

18th March 2020
Sensor-based eye tracking solutions for DMS

Eyeware, the Swiss-based 3D eye-tracking technology company on a mission to bring attention-sensing solutions to multiple industries, and Melexis, the Belgium-based global supplier of micro-electronic semiconductor solutions, have joined forces to create a sensor-based solution for advanced Driver Monitoring System (DMS).

3rd December 2019
Automotive ambient lighting performance boosted and simplified

Melexis has extended its IC family with a new generation of its LIN RGB(W) LED controller. The new member – the MLX81113 – will support the further growth of RGB LED based automotive ambient lighting, also known as LIN RGB, which is already well established within nearly every OEM worldwide. The MLX81113 features more on-chip memory, higher output current and increased EMC robustness compared to the popular MLX81108. It also offers IS...

6th November 2019
Pressure sensor IC for hybrid vehicles

Melexis has announced its MLX90821 relative pressure sensor IC designed for measuring very low pressures in automotive applications. Using the latest MEMS technology closely integrated with an analogue signal chain and digital signal processing, the MLX90821 is a system-in-package IC solution for the measurement of fuel vapour pressure as low as 50 mbar and up to 700 mbar. This makes the MLX90821 suitable for EVAP systems designed for internal co...

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