Combining a passion for technology with truly inspired engineering, Melexis designs, develops and delivers innovative micro-electronic solutions that enable designers to turn ideas into applications that support the best imaginable future. The company’s advanced mixed-signal semiconductor sensor and actuator components address the challenges of integrating sensing, driving and communication into next-generation products and systems that improve safety, raise efficiency, support sustainability and enhance comfort.

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23rd November 2017
SMD device measures the temperature of your dinner

  Global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced a new family of miniature far infrared (FIR) sensors for use in multiple applications where accurate temperature measurement is required. The MLX90632 family is based upon Melexis' established FIR technology that utilises the fact that every object emits heat radiation.

13th November 2017
Belgian manufacturing facility expands sustainably

Global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced a significant expansion of manufacturing space and people at its R&D and manufacturing facility in Ypres, Belgium. The site is focused on Melexis flagship products - position sensors and sensor interfaces. In 2013, the company invested around €10m adding a new production unit to the Ypres facility. The 7,000m2 facility will now be further extended by 1,300m2&nb...

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14th September 2017
Melexis to play leading role in 2017 ESSDERC and ESSCIRC

Melexis has announced its participation and the prominent role it will be playing in the 47th European Solid-State Device Research Conference (ESSDERC) and the 43rd European Solid-State Circuits Conference (ESSCIRC) at the heart of 'Europe's Silicon Valley' in Leuven, Belgium. The long-running conferences are organised by the world leading research and innovation hub for nanoelectronics, energy and digital technologies, imec, and the Univers...

6th July 2017
Gateway device overcomes LIN bus limitations

Global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced a new LIN-to-LIN gateway that overcomes the limitation of just 16 devices on a typical LIN bus. Each MLX81120 connects as a LIN slave on the main LIN bus and is controlled directly from the vehicle's Body Control Module (BCM). The new device allows for up to 16 LIN RGB slave modules on a private LIN bus, thereby permitting up to 196 LED lighting devices to be connected to a singl...

16th June 2017
Chipset simplifies design of robust automotive solutions

Global microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced a new Time-of-Flight (ToF) chipset and development kit that enables simple, modular and future proof design of 3D vision solutions. Previously available only as part of a development system, the chipset is now available to designers everywhere. The newly available chipset includes the MLX75023 1/3-inch optical format ToF sensor and the MLX75123 companion IC that embeds many of th...

2nd June 2017
Dual die latch and switch sensor delivers accurate measurement

Microelectronics engineering company, Melexis, has announced a range of new magnetic latch and switch sensors that it claims are the first in the world to feature two silicon dice in the same package. The highly reliable devices, which are aimed at automotive applications including transmission, power steering, braking and locks/latches, represent a major advance in magnetic sensing technology. By integrating two ICs into a single package, M...

19th January 2017
Chipset simplifies ToF 3D Vision in challenging environments

  Melexis has announced a chipset and its evaluation kit that simplify and speed the implementation of robust, time‐of‐flight (ToF) 3D vision solutions for the most challenging environments. With this newest addition Melexis continues to strengthen its expertise and know-how in the area of ToF solutions for automotive and beyond.

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10th January 2017
Inspired automotive engineering to be showcased at CAR ELE

  Melexis will once again be exhibiting at CAR ELE (Tokyo, 18th-20th January, booth E39-40). Now being staged for the 9th time, this event is recognised globally as key to continued technological innovation in the automotive industry. 

16th December 2016
Automotive ambient lighting solution features LIN LED drivers

Melexis has announced a new generation of ultra-compact, single-chip solutions for automotive ambient lighting applications. The new configurable LIN (local interconnect network) slave LED driver ICs deliver the precise control of RGB lighting needed to personalise cabin interiors, improve driver attention and enhance the overall driving experience.

15th November 2016
Advanced sensor technology for next-generation temperature measurement

IR sensor array offers alternative to high-end thermal cameras; quad thermocouple interface addresses automotive sensing to 1,300°C. Two sensing technologies have been announced by Melexis, for simplified integration of temperature measurement into applications that enhance safety, efficiency and convenience. 

21st October 2016
MEMS to be used in pressure sensing applications

Global microelectronics company enabling future innovation through a philosophy of inspired engineering, Melexis, continues to bring highly differentiated products to market through superior innovation, with the introduction of its MLX90819 sensor IC - which is targeted at measuring mid pressure (10-50bar) levels. 

26th August 2016
Forbes: Melexis among most trustworthy companies in Western Europe

Melexis has been included in Forbes magazine’s 50 Most Trustworthy Companies in Western Europe, for having consistently demonstrated transparent accounting procedures and solid corporate governance. Other companies to be included in this list were French retailer FNAC, UK industrial machinery manufacturer Renishaw, Swedish hardware chain Clas Ohlson and German clothing brand Hugo Boss.

9th August 2016
Melexis to build automation centre in Germany

An announcement establishing a new R&D centre has been made by Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company. The company has taken steps to further expand its operations, with their latest site, which will initially have a complement of around 25-30 engineers. The centre is to be situated in Dresden, Germany and will allow the company to tap into the wealth of semiconductor engineering talent found in the Saxony region. 

14th July 2016
Current sensors provide sensitivity down to 26.7mV/A

Expanding its portfolio of current sensing devices based on cutting-edge implementation of Hall effect technology, Melexis has announced the MLX91210 family. Running off a 5V supply, the MLX91210 ICs have current sensitivity levels down to 26.7mV/A and support linear current measurement ranges that span as far as ±75A corresponding to 30ARMS current.

22nd June 2016
Melexis unveils new brand identity

The new brand identity and website of Melexis underlines the company’s ambitions, and draws inspiration from the incredible capacity of species to adapt to challenging habitats. “We recalibrated our brand to reflect not only the company we are today, but also our expectations for tomorrow. Our new identity is a clear declaration of our belief in engineering that enables the best imaginable future,” says Melexis, CEO Franç...

12th May 2016
TPMS IC draws lowest current & uses less board space

Melexis continues to make major advances in TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) technology with the introduction of its 3rd gen TPMS IC, the MLX91804. The device is supplied in a robust 14-pin DFN type lead-less package and, according to the company, has a 60% smaller footprint and draws three times lower sleep mode current than any competing TPMS IC on the market.

25th April 2016
RF IC enables keyless entry & low-power tracking

Combining a sophisticated multi-channel RF transceiver with a 3D low frequency (3DLF) interface that supports ultra-low power operation, the MLX73290-A has been unveiled by Melexis. This RF IC is optimised for use in vehicle activation, logistics and IoT applications such as passive keyless entry & start, secure access and low-power tracking systems, where a very-low power wake-up function together with long range, high speed RF feedback are ...

17th March 2016
LIN controller ICs reduce BOM costs & save space

Expanding its extensive array of ICs and board level products designed for use in LIN implementations, Melexis has introduced the MLX81107 and MLX81109. Combining high degrees of built-in functionality and low unit costs, these freely-programmable, monolithic devices are able to address growing demands within the automobile industry for sophisticated LIN-based switches, actuators, drivers, sensor interfaces and LED lighting systems.

4th December 2015
Unique magnetic latch/switch family offers lateral sensitivity

Melexis, a global microelectronics engineering company, has made a major advance in magnetic sensing technology that will have widespread implications for modern automobile design. Its latest product - the MLX92292 - effectively represents a whole new way of sensing.

8th October 2015
Melexis & Sony to expand time-of-flight offering

Melexis has signed an agreement with Sony to further expand its Time-of-Flight offering for automobile safety and infotainment markets. Sony has acquired SoftKinetic, a Belgian based developer of sensor-to-software 3D gesture solutions including the patented DepthSense Time-of-Flight sensor technology.

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