Bluetooth Benefits From Chip Inductors

13th December 2005
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The latest family of multilayer chip inductors from Murata features exceptionally low DC resistance, making these miniature devices ideal for use in a wide range of high frequency applications where minimising power consumption is a critical factor.
When incorporated into chip coils, Murata’s new LQG15HS series is said to achieve the lowest DC resistance of any devices currently available. Over a wide range of inductance values, from 1.0nH to 120nH, DC resistance of these chip inductors is specified from 30mohms to 1ohm (typical), 70mohms to 1.3ohms (maximum). Further features include high self-resonance frequency and a high Q, cited at better than 30 @ 800MHz.

The low DC resistance of the LQG15HS chip inductors will be of particular interest to designers of mobile wireless consumer products, such as those based on the Bluetooth protocol, where reducing power consumption is critical to extending battery life. They are equally applicable to high frequency circuits in more general purpose rf and microwave equipment such as power amplifiers, antennas, VCO and SAW devices.

The devices are compliant with the RoHS directive and are packaged in the 0402 case size (1mm x 0.5mm) with a tight tolerance in physical dimensions of +/-0.05mm.

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