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Artificial Intelligence
3rd April 2020
Tiny AI module developed with Coral intelligence

Murata has announced that it has created a tiny AI module in partnership with Google – the Coral Accelerator Module. The custom designed module packages Google’s Edge TPU ASIC within a miniaturised footprint.

21st February 2020
Small 100nF ceramic capacitor for mobile applications

Murata has announced a small new multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC). As portable devices such as smartphones, hearing aids, wearable technology and other modules become increasingly multifunctional and more compact, so the demand for higher circuit densities is growing among electronic engineers.

10th February 2020
Supporting the development of future sensor technology

Murata has inaugurated a new factory in Vantaa, Finland, increasing the size of its existing production and product development unit by one-third. The company’s investment of €42 million has brought the total area of the new plant to around 16,000 square metres.

7th January 2020
Automotive Ethernet withstands temperatures up to 150°C

Murata has announced the release of the DLW32MH201YK2 common mode choke coil (CMCC) for Automotive Ethernet (100BASE-T1) applications. The choke coil is able to withstand extreme temperatures and is AEC-Q200 compliant.

24th October 2019
Dense AC/DC power supplies for compact applications

Murata has announced the PQU650 series of open-frame, 650W-rated AC/DC power supplies by Murata Power Solutions. The PQU650 series offers the highest power-density product on the market, with forced air- and convection-cooled ambient ratings.

8th October 2019
Transformer for high power, high frequency applications

Murata has announced a new transformer technology for high power, high frequency applications that uses a novel winding technique to allow designers to efficiently reach power and frequency levels that were never possible with conventional winding methods.

8th October 2019
Guarantee reduced noise specification in five gigahertz band

Murata has announced the release of the BLF03VK series of ultra-compact noise filters specifically designed for the five gigahertz band, one of the frequency ranges used in WiFi (wireless LAN) communications. The filters are the first in the world to have a specified, guaranteed impedance value at five gigahertz.

23rd September 2019
Soil sensor minimises environmental damage

Murata has announced a highly accurate soil sensor that contains three sensors in one package. Aimed at the agricultural and horticultural industries, the sensor enables growers to increase the yield and quality of crops while experiencing lower costs associated with reduced water and fertiliser usage, these being the most important application areas for the sensor.

23rd September 2019
Murata’s ultra-small SAW devices address the needs of 5G

Murata has announced new surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices for RF filtering and duplexer duties. The devices address the ongoing and ever increasing need to reduce the size of components in mobile phones, especially with the coming of 5G. Murata’s SAYAV/SAYAR series for duplexing come in the 1612 size, and the SAFFW series in 0907 size for Rx filtering.

Artificial Intelligence
23rd May 2019
AI technology creates a calm workplace environment

It has been announced by Murata that KENKO technology, an innovative AI emotion monitoring solution created in a joint development between Murata and TEM is being rolled out to the Japanese market. KENKO is a cloud-based AI technology that integrates with different kinds of biometric sensors embedded in wearables and other IoT products.

29th April 2019
WiFi and Bluetooth combo module improves battery life

A collaboration has been announced between Murata and Cypress Semiconductor, to develop the Type 1LV (CYW43012) solution, a low power, small form factor WiFi and Bluetooth module. This product improves battery life in wearables, smart home products, and portable audio applications.

23rd April 2019
Murata's new data centre power solutions

Murata has been developing and manufacturing a range of power products including AC-DC power supplies and DC-DC converters for various applications for more than 35 years.

17th April 2019
Filter ferrite bead designed for high current automotive applications

Murata has announced the availability of their new BLM18DN_SH series of noise filter ferrite beads. The new devices are specifically designed for automotive networks using Power over Coaxial (PoC) with high impedance, high frequencies and supporting large currents, up to 1,400mA. As vehicles become more complex and sophisticated and especially as a result of increased image sensing, data communication needs within vehicles have increased sig...

12th April 2019
Common-mode choke meets 1000BASE-T1 requirements

Sampling of the common mode choke coil has been announced by Murata, designed to be fully compatible with the automotive high-speed (1Gbps) LAN standard, 1000BASE-T1. The new DLW32MH101XT2 is claims to be the smallest common mode choke coil for 1000BASE-T1 applications.

22nd March 2019
Optimised antenna beamforming for next-gen wireless networks

  Murata has released a high gain antenna module that facilitates communication up to 4.62Gbps. The new millimetre-wave RF antenna module will contribute to the creation of next-gen wireless networks that utilise the 60GHz frequency by supporting the IEEE802.11ad millimetre-wave wireless LAN standard.

14th March 2019
Power inductors provide protection for automotive applications

Additions to the DFE series of power inductors developed specifically for use within in-vehicle applications such as advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS), automotive infotainment systems and power-train components, have been announced by Murata. Offering the industry’s highest levels of electrostatic discharge (ESD) surge voltage protection, the compact AEC-Q200 compliant devices provide high insulation and ESD characteristics.

6th March 2019
Mix-and-match wireless connectivity for developers

It has been announced that Murata is collaborating with Cypress Semiconductor and NXP Semiconductors to provide IoT developers with mix-and-match wireless connectivity and processing solutions that shorten the time-to-market cycle. The combined products pair Murata’s industry-leading wireless modules, based on Cypress’ robust WiFi and Bluetooth combos, with a broad range of best-in-class processors from the NXP i.MX series.

6th March 2019
End-to-end European-compliant IoT solutions

With the ongoing rise in demand for secure end-to-end IoT solutions designed for the European market and compliant with European regulations, Murata and eSoftThings have announced a collaboration with the intention to deliver high-quality hardware and platform solutions.

26th February 2019
Remote SIM provisioning in cellular modules for IoT devices

  A collaboration between Murata and Truphone has been announced, which will see the companies combining their technologies and services in order to take a lead in the eSIM revolution for the Internet of Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices.

13th November 2018
High accuracy 3-axis inclinometer with digital angle output

  Murata has announced a new 3-axis inclination sensor with a tilt angle output and digital SPI interface. The high performance SCL3300 series of devices will be used in a variety of demanding applications including levelling, tilt sensing, machine control and structural health monitoring.

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