SUYIN Optronics’ smallest wide-angle lens: Both the diameter and height are less than 3 mm

29th May 2013
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Suyin Optronics develops and manufactures extremely miniaturized lenses for a broad spectrum of uses ranging from mobile phones to monitoring systems in private and industrial applications and from automotive electronics to the medical sector. By employing plastic, glass, and hybrid materials in production, Suyin is in a position to develop different lenses for image sensors with resolutions from 0.3 megapixels (with one element) to 13 megapixels (with five plastic elements or with one glass and three plastic elements). The maximum image angle can reach up to 190 ° (diagonal).
Now, the company is presenting the “10W2Z CG0.3 h0.9” model, its smallest wide-angle lens, which has a diameter of just 3 mm. The patented two-element design features large viewing angles of 106° (horizontal), 78° (vertical) and 144° (diagonal). The small f number of f/3.0 ensures solid performance, even in low-light environments, so that is possible to go without using a flash or LED for additional lighting in some cases. The guaranteed modulation transfer function (MTF) is greater than 30 % in conjunction with an 80 % viewing field at 100 line pairs per millimeter. Achieving a high resolution ensures greater accuracy for image recognition. Customized lens barrels are available for fitting into different lens holders. Furthermore, to accommodate a variety of requirements for specific environments, different materials are available. For lens assembly, Suyin has developed its own automated production lines, which make it possible to center the lens to an accuracy of 2 � �m.

The new miniature wide-angle lens from Suyin Optronics is especially well suited for image recognition in production lines, for minimal invasive surgery, for monitoring tasks in cars, and for optical touch panels. In addition, the product can also be used in other applications facing tight space restrictions. This is because the wide-angle lens – which is only as large as a match head – has been designed for a compact installation height of just 2.454 mm. Additional technical/optical specifications are summarized in the table included in the backgrounder.

In Eastern China, Suyin Optronics has a complete design team and a highly efficient production plant for high-end camera modules. Beyond that, the company invests in the design and manufacturing of sensor packaging, voice-coil motors for autofocus, and lens functions. An enormous diversity of material combinations is available upon request. The company works together with the largest image-sensor suppliers, such as Aptina, OmniVision, Sony and Samsung.

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