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29th May 2013
SUYIN Optronics’ smallest wide-angle lens: Both the diameter and height are less than 3 mm

Suyin Optronics develops and manufactures extremely miniaturized lenses for a broad spectrum of uses ranging from mobile phones to monitoring systems in private and industrial applications and from automotive electronics to the medical sector. By employing plastic, glass, and hybrid materials in production, Suyin is in a position to develop different lenses for image sensors with resolutions from 0.3 megapixels (with one element) to 13 megapixel...

28th May 2013
SUYIN Optronics presents an ultra-compact mini-camera module with a resolution of 8 megapixels

Suyin Optronics offers a highly miniaturized camera module bearing the part number CM 8013 AF05 OV01 that features a maximum resolution of 8 megapixels. Due to its compact dimensions of 8.5 mm (W) x 8.5 mm (L) x 5.91 mm (H), the module is also suitable for use in applications facing particularly tight space restrictions.

5th April 2013
Powerful DC jack for in-board mounting

SUYIN’s two-pin, right-angle DC jack with the model designation 040015FR003XX06ZL provides a power connection for external plug-in power supplies used with stationary or mobile devices of all kinds – from netbooks to telecommunications and audio systems all the way to electronic toys.

27th March 2013
Elegant Fast, capable and affordable: customized problem solvers from SUYIN for board-to-board (BTB) connectors

SUYIN offers a broad range of standard PCB connectors and board-to-board connectors. This begins with versions featuring very simple contact configurations and extends all the way to highly complex configurations covering a wide variety of pitches – from fine pitch (0.5 mm) to 2.54 mm and higher pitches.

21st March 2013
Elegant 3.5-mm Audio Jack Perfectly Adapted To The Terminal Device

SUYIN has forged a reputation on the market by supplying customized and application-specific adaptation of its interconnect solutions within a reasonable budget of time and money. The company’s range of offerings extends from customer-specific modification of existing connectors – with regard to both the electrical parameters and the housing design – all the way to completely new connectors developed in close collaboration with the customer...

19th March 2013
Limitless variation from SUYIN: Configurable series of PoE-capable THT RJ45 jacks available in over 100 different versions!

Available in more than 100 different variants to match customer requests and application requirements, SUYIN’s robust, right-angled 8P8C RJ45 jack with the model designation 101113FS520M204ZA is designed for THT-processes.

18th December 2012
SUYIN – A Tailoring Shop for Connectors

The great benefit that SUYIN provides lies primary in its ability to adapt connectors to meet its customers’ exact requirements and to satisfy the needs of the given application in terms of form and function. To do this, SUYIN draws on both standardized subcomponents and on the tremendous expertise that it has developed in recent decades in areas such as industrial, automotive and communications applications.

11th December 2012
Ultra-low-profile, flexible battery-connector solution from SUYIN

For all applications that require a separable, miniaturized, safe, reliable and particularly flexible connection between electronic equipment and a battery, SUYIN now offers an ultra-low-profile battery plug-and-socket combination that can be varied to meet customer-specific needs.

20th November 2012
A Convenient Combination Network connector from SUYIN

Here is a solution that many of those who develop telecommunications and networking products for use in industrial and data processing technology as well as for a broad spectrum of other applications have been waiting for: In the form of its 030183MHFG4M565ZA product, SUYIN is offering a highly compact connector that brings together an RJ45 jack and two Type-A USB receptacles to meet the needs of complex applications.

13th November 2012
SUYIN – Custom tailoring for connectors

SUYIN’s primary strength lies in its ability to adapt connectors to meet its customers’ exact requirements as well as the needs of the given application in terms of form and function. To do this, SUYIN draws on both standardized subcomponents and on the tremendous expertise that it has developed in recent decades in areas such as industrial, automotive and communications applications.

23rd October 2012
Keeping a low profile with SUYIN

SUYIN has launched the 33ZL version from its 254070FB series, an 8-pin SIM card reader for mobile phones, notebook computers, navigation and other mobile applications. This new card connector features a low mounting height of 1.73 mm and a push-push mechanism that makes it easy to use.

16th October 2012
SUYIN succeeds in reducing width and length of its female D-sub connectors

SUYIN has again succeeded in further reducing the width and length of its female D-sub connectors. Its 070546XR015XX69XX model is a 15-position, right-angle high-density (HD) D-sub socket with extremely compact dimensions of just 20.6 mm x 10.9 mm (L x D).

2nd August 2012
SUYIN's Ultra-thin 15-position HD D-sub jack for through-hole reflow pin-in-paste processing

The pin-and-paste process has found widespread use for mounting through-hole technology components using reflow soldering processes originally designed for surface-mount technology. PiP makes it possible to process both of these mounting technologies simultaneously using the same process equipment. The need for an additional wave-soldering process can be eliminated completely, which saves both time and money.

25th July 2012
THR RJ45 jack features integrated LEDs, PoE capabilities and built-in transformer modules

SUYIN is pleased to announce a robust 8P8C RJ45 jack designed for pin-in-paste through-hole reflow processes, designated model number 101110F93H7M410ZA. The right-angle receptacle with built-in receiver/transmitter filter includes two integrated light-emitting diodes (with yellow, green, and orange indication colours) and excellent luminance.

17th July 2012
Spring-Contact Battery Connectors from SUYIN have Optimized Shape for Ergonomic Charging

As the interface between the charging unit and the end device, spring-contact battery connectors play a crucial role. In this case, the focus is not only on the spring contacts’ technical specifications – such as the minimum number of mating cycles, the contact resistance or the current-carrying capacity – but also on the special shape of the connector housing, which is designed to support uncomplicated, fast, simple, and reliable connectio...

14th June 2012
Diverse range of RJ10 to RJ45 jacks for vertical SMT assembly from SUYIN

SUYIN offers its new 100236 RJ-series for every conceivable type of telecommunications wiring – from a simple telephone and fax line all the way up to 10/100-Base-T and 100-Base-T4 data network applications. These vertical RJ10 to RJ45 SMT receptacles, which are available in nine variants with 4, 6 and 8 terminals, are designed for vertical mounting – a relatively rare feature among the products available on the market.

21st May 2012
Customer-specific modifications turn notebook battery connectors into industrial power supply connectors

SUYIN's incredibly wide range of battery connectors has arisen out of decades of development experience that the company has gained in this area, particularly for applications in the notebook/laptop segment. Here, SUYIN is represented on the market with all kinds of battery connector designs.

26th March 2012
Incredible diversity: Serial-ATA (SATA) and Mini-SATA receptacle connectors from SUYIN with heights from –1.0 mm to +11.5 mm

SUYIN offers an extensive range of 22-position (15 data pins and 7 power pins) Serial-ATA connectors for surface (SMT) and through-hole (THT) mounting, as well as a SMT Mini-SATA receptacle connector with 16 contact terminations

31st January 2012
SUYIN offers Side-entry, 6-pin SIM card connector in housing

The new 254089HB surface-mountable 6-pin connectors for subscriber identity module (SIM) cards feature a side-entry design for mating SIMs on the long side of the card. Consequently, these connectors are particularly well-suited for use in applications facing very tight space constraints inside miniaturized portable electronic devices or in stationary systems featuring a special shape.

23rd January 2012
SUYIN Spring-contact battery connectors: Housing variations reduce cost of development, storage, tools and placement

In increasing numbers of electronics development projects, cost-optimization efforts are focusing more closely on ensuring that different modules share as many identical or similar components as possible. This creates significant potential for savings – beginning with purchasing and storage and continuing through development and tool costs all the way to placement processes in volume production.

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