SABIC Innovative Plastics’ New Portfolio of Solutions for Sustainable LED Retrofit Lighting Shines with High-Performance, Style, Long Life at K 2010

11th November 2010
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SABIC Innovative Plastics launched a new portfolio of specialty resins and compounds that can optimize the performance, lifespan and aesthetics of light-emitting diode retrofit lighting. These materials include non-brominated, non-chlorinated flame-retardant Lexan* polycarbonate resin and new white LNP* Konduit* thermally conductive compound for LED heat sinks, which adds style to outstanding heat dissipation for extended bulb life. One hundred and thirteen years after the invention of the light bulb, SABIC Innovative Plastics is developing solutions for the latest technological milestone in the evolution of lighting – with materials that promote adoption of these energy-efficient, long-lasting solutions – one of the broadest offerings for LED lighting customers on the market today.
“As the global movement to replace inefficient incandescent bulbs gains momentum, consumers are looking for durable, energy-efficient replacements that can provide similar – if not better – aesthetics at an affordable price,” said Hans-Otto Schlothauer, global product marketing manager, Lighting, SABIC Innovative Plastics. “Our Lexan FR and LNP Konduit technologies enable the design of stylish and attractive LED retrofit lighting while helping to reduce system costs. Equally important, our materials have their own, inherent sustainability benefits that add to the overall environmental value of LEDs.”

Lexan Resin Innovations Offer Many Choices for Clear and Diffused LED Bulbs

To meet surging demand for new materials that enable cost-effective, thin-wall LED retrofit bulbs, SABIC Innovative Plastics developed Lexan FR resins for diffusion applications and transparent lighting. These resins meet the UL94 V0 standard at gauges as thin as 1.5 mm. They provide flame retardance without the use of brominated or chlorinated additives, helping to ensure regulatory compliance.

In addition to a transparent grade, Lexan FR resins are available in two standard diffusion grades that provide high light transmission with hiding power for a softer look. Colors include two standard shades of white as well as natural; however, custom colors and custom diffusion levels can be provided to meet specific requirements.

These resins feature the renowned impact resistance, optical quality and processability of Lexan PC resin, as well as ultraviolet (UV) and thermal stability. They are appropriate for injection molding and extrusion applications, including spotlights, bulbs and tubes.

LED Heat Sinks Brighten Up With LNP Konduit Compound

Heat sinks are essential for dissipating heat that can detract from an LED’s optimal useful life of 50,000 hours. Traditionally, they have been made from aluminum or black or gray conductive resins. To meet consumer demands for more attractive LED lighting designs, LNP Konduit compound is now available in white to coordinate with white and colored bulbs. In addition to superior thermal conductivity, this material offers cost and design benefits.

LNP Konduit compound boosts productivity compared to die-cast aluminum, which requires secondary operations. It also offers greater design freedom, including the ability to create shapes with greater surface area for improved thermal management.

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