Pulsed Erbium fibre laser suitable for 3D scanning

4th October 2017
Enaie Azambuja

The uptake of fibre lasers in manufacturing and mass production has also lead to their use in a range of new applications, pushing the limits of existing lasers and making new demands, particularly for higher repetition rates and shorter pulse durations. LASER COMPONENTS has introduced a new platform to the Keopsys range of pulsed Erbium fibre lasers to fit this new market, the PK50.

The PK50 is a new package that will allow high peak powers (up to 15kW) and short pulse durations (under 1ns to 200ns) with pulse repetition rates from 10Hz to 1MHz. A diffraction limited beam makes these lasers particularly suitable for applications like 3D scanning where beam quality is crucial.

The PK50 has also been developed for high reliability and harsh environment applications. The number of critical components has been reduced to increase the lifetime and provide a reliable rugged device, whatever the environmental conditions. 

The device is Defence and Space certified with the optical and electronic components chosen from qualified European suppliers and standard components to ensure high quality and security of supply.

The square form factor (120x120x27mm) allows easy integration into a range of systems. The range of options includes integrated harmonic generation to give green and UV wavelengths.

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