Light engine for standard dimensions from Samsung LED

17th December 2010
ES Admin

Samsung LED is offering a ready to use light engine for 60cmx60cm ceiling luminaire or other standard dimensions. The light engine is offering an extremely long lifetime, a very homogeneous white light distribution and high light output. It is available at distributor Rutronik now.

The light engine is built on the basis of 80x0,5W LED (PCB dimension 259mmx259mm) which was designed for this application with a CRI higher than 80. Four light engines are put into one complete luminaire and achieve a total lumen output of 3800lm (including the losses of the diffuser). Samsung can offer a power supply which was designed for this product as well. The light engine is available in different CCT from 6.500-3.500K and is offering a binning that is smaller than a 3step McAdams ellipse. This is achieved by a technology transfer from the backlighting of TV LCD panel which is requiring a tolerance of the colour point smaller than 0,005 (u’v’ CIE Diagram). The light engine was designed to achieve over 50.000hrs (MTTF 70%) at an ambient temperature of 50°C which is a more likely ambient temperature than the standard reference temperature for MTTF data of 25°C. Other dimensions and light output values of this light engine are available.

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