LED stacklights offer voltage options of 9 to 16Vdc

11th November 2020
Mick Elliott

Ultra-compact 30mm LED Stacklights from Mallory Sonalert are in stock at distributor New Yorker Electronics.

Available with or without sound, the series offers a variety of options for customisation.

This series offers devices in one, two or three stacks in bright red, yellow, and green. Voltage options of 9 to 16Vdc (JR-16 Series) or 20 to 28Vac/dc (JR-28 Series) are available.

Stacklights with sound are available in continuous tone, chime tone, fast pulse, medium pulse, slow pulse, fast double pulse and slow double pulse.

An additional option allows the sound to be changed to a short pulse sound after 15 seconds.

Sound levels can also be customised to medium (70 to 80 dB Typ @ 1 meter) or loud (80 to 90 dB Typ @ 1 meter).

Stacklights are available with both 4in pole and direct mount options, and their compact size allows for their mount directly on top of the control box.

An important advantage of Mallory Sonalert’s audible stacklights is the independent control of sound and light alarms, which gives the user exceptional flexibility and control.

The ultra-compact design delivers full functionality even in tight spaces, making them ideal for applications ranging from scientific and medical equipment to 3D printers, from machine tooling to robotic machines.

Stacklight Alarm sounds are produced by a piezoelectric audible alarm with a resonant frequency of 3,900 Hz.

With a large fundamental frequency and much smaller harmonic frequencies, the new alarm produces a clear sound, superior to that of electro-magnetic or electro-mechanical alarms.

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