LED indicators feature current draw as low as 2mA

16th June 2015
Jordan Mulcare

APEM will expand its standard offering of LED indicators to feature HYPERBRIGHT LED indicators for daytime viewing and applications where battery life and low power consumption are critical. The indicators already feature several sealing, termination, bezel and multi-colour options. With a current draw as low as 2mA, the series offers vivid panel indication without sacrificing battery life.

The indicators introduce a diffused lens to its SUPERBRIGHT technology to effectively spread the directional nature of LED illumination for intense luminosity over a better viewing angle. These lenses can also be engraved for application-specific indication in vehicles, belly boxes or other applications.

APEM’s portfolio of LED indicators, including its Q-series panel mount LED indicators, QS-series snap-in LED indicators, QRM rear-mount LED indicators and QRM-NV night-vision compatible LED indicators, offers a wide variety of indication options to fit any application.

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