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29th October 2021
APEM's releases XS series finger tip joystick

APEM's releases a reduced height, easy navigation Xs series finger tip joystick for comfort safety and durability in outdoor enviroments.

9th May 2019
RGB illumination lens option for LED indicators

Manufacturer of high quality switch products and joysticks, APEM, has expanded their product portfolio to include new options to the Q Series LED Indicator line. With the recently released RGB illumination lens option, the Q series can now be customised to offer a wide assortment of tones and colours, including cyan, magenta, yellow and white.

2nd April 2019
LED Indicators with RGB illumination lens

It has been announced that, based on user input, the latest RGB indicators from APEM are customisable and offer a vast array of colours and tones. With the mixing of primary colours (red, green and blue), additional colours are available such as cyan, magenta, yellow and white, creating the perfect custom colour option for applications.

18th April 2017
Keypad features a snap-in housing for quick assembly

  A new keypad has been introduced by APEM. Designed for aesthetics and functionality, like the CANbus version launched a few months ago, this new model with standard connection complements the range to effectively meet its customer needs. The KP6 keypad features a snap-in housing allowing for quick assembly and installation.

15th March 2017
Single axis BL Series paddle controls come in a small package

Following the recent launch of the BH series paddle, the BL series features new design, but in a smaller package, measuring at just 48mm above panel. The compact footprint of the paddles allows for closer group installation of multiple paddles, for applications such as vehicle arm rests, remote control portable boxes and various agricultural applications.

22nd December 2016
MEC switches feature significantly smaller dimensions

The Ultramec 6C is a low-profile pushbutton option for handheld devices or in applications that are limited in both space and height. With significantly smaller dimensions than the previous range of Multimec switches, the Ultramec 6C tactile switch features an 8x8mm footprint, maximum height of 2.5mm and standard J-bend terminals. 

11th April 2016
Pushbutton switches react to green & red lights only

The FD series from APEM, is the latest innovation in its wide range of illuminated pushbutton switches. Designed after a traditional pushbutton, the FD series integrates an innovative technology of superposed filters which react to green and red light only, allowing the display of different legends depending on the illumination colour.

8th March 2016
A control method that is intuitive & easy to adapt to

An innovative and ergonomic game style pendant controller designed for controlling unmanned vehicles, robotics and other remote controlled applications, the PC series has been unveiled by APEM. This handheld device easily accommodates APEM’s TS series miniature proportional joystick and provides either analogue voltage or USB output.

6th January 2016
Vandal-resistant pushbutton switches are suitable for 250VAC

APEM has expanded its AV series of vandal-resistant pushbutton switches with three models approved to EN 61058-1 (NF/CE standard) that can switch a 250VAC current. Tested and qualified for impact resistance and sealing (IP and IK levels), these stainless steel switches withstand rain, frost, UV and vandalism while offering a modern and stylish design.

11th December 2015
Over mold handles provide non-slip & comfortable actuation

  APEM launches three new soft touch elastomer handle options for the TS series Thumbstick. Similar in size and operation to 'gamepad' controls, the TS series Thumbstick is suited for military robotics, material handling and UGV operator control units.

16th September 2015
LED indicators are 'Secret-Until-Lit'

APEM brings the latest option to the Q series indicator range: the 16mm Secret-Until-Lit LED indicator. APEM’s Q16 Secret-Until-Lit LED ondicators feature a black polycarbonate insert that gives you the ability to hide a specific custom legend until the indicator illumination is turned 'ON'. The polycarbonate insert is reverse-side silk screen printed, allowing for any custom symbol you require.

20th August 2015
LED indicators are rated for use in military cockpits

APEM's NVG-compatible LED indicators, which are compliant with MIL-STD-3009, are rated for NVIS indication in military cockpits and external lighting. Offered alongside APEM’s NVIS Red and NVIS White, APEM’s NVIS Green and NVIS Yellow options are certified to Class A or Class B – Class B being the standard for FAA-certified aircraft NVIS modifications.

16th June 2015
LED indicators feature current draw as low as 2mA

APEM will expand its standard offering of LED indicators to feature HYPERBRIGHT LED indicators for daytime viewing and applications where battery life and low power consumption are critical. The indicators already feature several sealing, termination, bezel and multi-colour options. With a current draw as low as 2mA, the series offers vivid panel indication without sacrificing battery life.

7th May 2015
CANbus enables up to four joysticks

APEM has introduced the CANbus J1939 and the CANopen interfaces for its operated HF series finger joystick. The joystick features contactless Hall effect sensing to provide long life proportional control for over five million lifecycles. It is available with up to three proportional axis and two momentary pushbuttons and has been rated for an environmental protection level of IP67. 

16th April 2015
Pushbutton switch offers strong tactile feedback

APEM is offering a fully sealed, snap-acting pushbutton switch with strong tactile feedback, designed for off-road vehicles and other noisy environments where a confirming 'click' is imperative. The IM series’ high current rating and 1m mechanical lifecycles makes it perfect for harsh applications such as agriculture vehicles, material handling equipment, construction vehicles and military ground equipment.

6th March 2015
Indicators are suited for material handling applications

  APEM has introduced the Q series of indicators, which are suitable for use in material handling applications. The indicators are also suited for any panel mount configuration, including industrial control panels, automation and medical equipment, vehicles and marine instrument panels.

12th January 2015
Three position controller features Hall effect technology

A single axis three position Hall effect thumb control, designed for material handling and construction applications requiring a reliable device for ‘change direction’ and ‘gear switching’ functions, has been released by APEM. The FR series switch operates from a 5VDC supply, providing an analogue voltage output at each detent location. 

23rd July 2014
Illuminated pushbutton series allows for easy customisation

Available in either snap-in or threaded bush mounting, the FP30 series pushbutton has been launched by APEM. Large and lightweight, the pushbutton is available in a 1.5mm x 2.5mm snap in version and 1mm x 9mm threaded brushing version. Fully illuminated, the pushbutton is offered in many different actuator and bezel colors, a smooth gloss finish, and can be pad printed or laser etched with over 100 different symbols.

18th June 2014
Switch guards are suited for harsh environments

APEM, Inc.’s announces the launch of the new accessory line, the MSG Switch Guard Series. The robust, modern design allows for the MSG Series to meet the requirements of the most demanding environments, particularly: defense, aeronautics, off-road vehicles and industrial automation.

9th January 2014
Thumbstick simplifies drop-in panel installation

Simplifying drop-in panel installation, Apem's TS Series Thumbstick can now be specified with a black oxide coated brass threaded D-flat housing.

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