Laser detector cards for use with UV and Near IR radiation

10th February 2016
Mick Elliott

A wide range of products that offer high levels of sensitivity and extended spectral response and allows the conversion of many different types of radiation into light for imaging and detection have been introduced by RS Components. The Scintacor Visualize range of customisable and highly sensitive phosphor-based detector cards and discs are for use with UV and Near IR (NIR) radiation.

By converting UV and NIR radiation into visible light, the Visualize products, which are available in both mounted and free standing format, enable the easy and safe location of laser beams, to facilitate the alignment procedure.

"RS has a long-standing and excellent reputation in supplying products and technologies to the industrial world," said Kerry Herbert, Marketing and Administration Manager at Scintacor. "This reputation and experience make us confident that our laser alignment cards can be quickly made available to engineers and technicians across the world via easy online selection and product stocking in the RS global warehouses."

"Scintacor has a long history that spans much of the last century in developing the scintillator technologies for X-ray, neutron, and light-detection applications. Scintacor pioneered the use of credit card-sized laser detector cards and their laser alignment products are still unrivalled for safety, ease of use and value for money," said Lance Hemmings, Global Product Group Manager - Semiconductors at RS. "This is a notable addition to the RS product portfolio that will enable us to offer an even wider range of solutions to our customer base."

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