Hamamatsu new photon-counting head boosts blood testing efficiency

14th November 2023
Sheryl Miles

Hamamatsu Photonics has unveiled a new photon-counting head, the 'H10682-110W', which incorporates a state-of-the-art condenser lens.

This innovation, leveraging Hamamatsu's expertise in photomultiplier tubes (PMT) and optical design, enhances light-collecting efficiency in a compact form. The H10682-110W's sensitivity is five times greater than existing models, yet it retains the same compact size.

This photon-counting head is ideal for integration into compact in-vitro diagnostic instruments, increasing their sensitivity. It reduces the required specimen volume, such as blood, for accurate testing, improving patient comfort and decreasing measurement times, thus easing medical staff workloads.

Sales of the H10682-110W will commence on 1st November this year for both domestic and international manufacturers of compact in-vitro diagnostic instruments and other devices needing low-level light detection. Additionally, it will be showcased at the "PHOTON FAIR 2023" from 16th November at Act City Hamamatsu.

1. A high-sensitivity sensor head comprising a PMT, a high-voltage power supply circuit for PMT operation, and a photon counting circuit for quantifying photon numbers. This setup provides an excellent signal-to-noise ratio and stability for low-light-level measurements.

Product details

Previously, Hamamatsu Photonics offered photon counting heads with an 8mm diameter photosensitive area, but these were limited in light intake, impacting the accuracy and speed of compact in-vitro diagnostic instruments. Responding to market demand for greater sensitivity, Hamamatsu developed a lensed photon counting head to amplify incident light and enhance sensitivity. Conventional condenser lenses, however, required significant space, making compact diagnostic instruments bulky.

To overcome this, Hamamatsu, in collaboration with Vrije Universiteit Brussel, a specialist in optical technology, developed a uniquely shaped lens. Instead of relying solely on refraction, this new lens uses refraction, reflection, and total-internal-reflection to efficiently gather light. Its thin profile and optimised shape, tailored to the PMT's characteristics, significantly boost detection efficiency, effectively collecting both collimated and diffused light.

Comparison of light collection between a standard lens (left) and the newly developed lens (right)

Incorporating the H10682-110W into compact in-vitro diagnostic instruments like chemiluminescence immunoassay analysers enhances their sensitivity. The lens's versatile design also makes it suitable for various applications in analytics, medical diagnosis, communications, and semiconductors, where compact, highly sensitive photodetectors are needed.

Hamamatsu plans to extend the sales of the H10682-110W and continue developing lensed photon counting heads with various photosensitive area sizes to meet ongoing and future market demands.

2. Chemiluminescence immunoassay analysers, used for blood testing, detect target molecules by measuring luminescent intensity from labelled chemiluminescent substances in various specimens, including blood and urine.

Key Features

Compact size with enhanced sensitivity: the newly designed lens, slim yet efficient in light collection, increases the sensitivity of the photon counting head by up to five times without altering its size.

Versatility for different light types: the lens, featuring a large light-input diameter and wide acceptance angle, effectively collects both collimated and diffused light. Its design holds promise for a broad spectrum of low-light-level measurement applications.

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