Smart ultrafast fiber lasers

9th December 2011
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The FemtoFiber smart family is TOPTICA’s new series of ultrafast fiber lasers. These systems are dedicated to applications ranging from biopho-tonics to terahertz generation and two-photon polymerization. Optimized for a compact footprint uniting optics and electronics in one box, these robust all-fiber lasers are the perfect choice for flexible OEM integration.
The lasers of the new FemtoFiber smart family transfer the concept of the successful FemtoFiber pro into industrial ultrafast applications. Based on polarization-maintaining fibers and saturable absorber (SAM) modelocking technology, TOPTICA’s FemtoFiber lasers offer reliable performance and hands-off operation. The new FemtoFiber smart lasers are optimized re-garding footprint (122x202x69 mm3) and pricing to meet the key require-ments of OEM integrators. Including all optics and control electronics in one single box, the lasers of the FemtoFiber smart family are the most compact ultrafast lasers available on the market. All models with wavelength above 1000 nm have fiber coupled outputs and offer either FC/APC receptacles or fiber pigtails.

The models of the FemtoFiber pro family are excellent laser sources for a variety of applications. The FemtoFErb 1560 with pulses below 100 fs for example, is ideally suited for THz generation with InGaAs antennae. The frequency-doubled version, the FemtoFErb 780, on the other hand, is a perfect match for non-linear microscopy or micro-lithography. For seeding high power ps/fs-amplifiers, the Ytterbium-based PicoFYb/FemtoFYb lasers operating at 1030 nm are reliable seed lasers.

The new FemtoFiber smart family will be presented at BIOS / Photonics West, San Francisco at the TOPTICA booth (8)717.

FemtoFiber smart family

FemtoFErb 780 nm (<230 fs, >50 mW )

PicoFYb 1030/1064 nm (<10 ps pulse duration, >10 mW average power)

FemtoFYb 1030 nm ( <800 fs, >0.5 mW)

FemtoFErb 1560 nm (<100 fs, >100 mW, 20 cm fiber pigtail)

FemtoFErb FD6 1560 nm (<120 fs, >100 mW, after 6 m single-mode fiber delivery)

Key features

Picosecond/femtosecond pulses

Turnkey, all-in-one

FemtoFiber technology: robust and reliable all-fiber setup

Compact (122x202x69 mm3), including all control electronics

Telcoria proved components

Optional: USB interface


Terahertz generation


ps/fs seeding

Micro lithography

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