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Test & Measurement
19th October 2020
WS Fast series wavelength meter for fast dynamics

The recently launched WS Fast Series offers accuracy combined with maximum data acquisition rate of up to 76kHz, allowing fast dynamics in the kHz range to be directly observed. Different measurement modes enable the user to record or view the frequency behaviour of the light source.

12th December 2011
BlueMode: New Wavelengths with CHARM

TOPTICA Photonics has expanded the product portfolio of the successful BlueMode diode laser family. The new “GreenMode” and “RedMode” models transfer the original concept – high power and high coherence from a single diode – across the visible spectrum. What’s more, all models are now available in TOPTICA’s proprietary CHARM technology, a “world’s first” technique for active coherence control.

9th December 2011
Smart ultrafast fiber lasers

The FemtoFiber smart family is TOPTICA’s new series of ultrafast fiber lasers. These systems are dedicated to applications ranging from biopho-tonics to terahertz generation and two-photon polymerization. Optimized for a compact footprint uniting optics and electronics in one box, these robust all-fiber lasers are the perfect choice for flexible OEM integration.

5th October 2011
Magneto-Optical Trap (MOT)- Create your own laser cooled atomic cloud

OPTICA Photonics AG offers now in cooperation with ColdQuanta Inc. the first commercial MOT kit. A magneto-optical trap (MOT) – the most popular laser cooling and trapping setup – requires a vacuum system with optical access that contains the atomic species to be trapped and a magnetic quadrupole field.

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