Farming and medicine benefit from UV LED solutions

17th July 2020
Mick Elliott

From industry through to medicine and public infrastructure, the use of UV LEDs is offering new approaches in the fields of sterilisation, deep cleaning of air and water, agriculture and industrial manufacturing.

For example, ultraviolet A-rays are suitable for use in vertical farming, while the extremely high-energy UVC rays are successfully used against harmful micro-bacteria and viruses. The entire Rutronik portfolio of LED technologies is available at Rutronik UK.

Bacteria, viruses, spores and germs absorb 265 - 280 nm light emitted by UVC LEDs.

As a result, their DNA/RNA bonds are broken so that reproduction is no longer possible. Especially when used against multi-resistant microorganisms, UVC LEDs are the optimal solution. This also applies to situations that require comprehensive surface or water disinfection - without the use of chemicals or thermal disinfection - as in drinking water treatment.

A photo catalysis (= chemical reaction triggered by light), which is stimulated by UVA energy with 365~385 nm, is used to decompose bacteria, viruses, harmful gases or odours, for example in air purification. UV curing, quite well known by nail studios, is a process in which ultraviolet light initiates a photochemical reaction that produces a stable polymer network.

It is mainly used when rapid curing is required, for example in printing processes, coating, decoration, stereo lithography or the assembly of components.

The well-known advantages of LED technologies such as long service life, consistent quality, no environmentally harmful heavy metals, low power consumption and voltage and RoHS conformity are of course also available for UV LEDs.

“Rutronik has an extensive portfolio of well-known LED manufacturers. In order to select the optimum product for individual requirements, our highly qualified product managers are on hand - digitally and in person,” explains Shirley Coblenzer, Senior Manager Product Marketing Opto. “In addition, interested parties can also request product samples in order to test the use of the UV LED at their leisure and in the planned environment.”

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