Compact VGA IR detector suits aerospace & military

9th March 2015
Barney Scott

At AeroIndia, Bangalore, Sofradir demonstrated SWap-C LEO, a next-gen VGA format IR detector optimised for size, weight, cost and performance. It meets the challenges of modern military platforms demanding integration of smaller, lighter, low power consumption devices. Sofradir has cut the size and weight of SWap-C LEO while maintaining its high image resolution and detection range.

Measuring 100x70x50mm and weighing 300g, the SWap-C LEO is 15% smaller and 20% lighter than earlier models in the mid-wave IR category. This makes it suitable for HandHeld Thermal Imagers (HHTI), gimbals, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) and helicopters, where system developers face environments increasingly demanding in size and consumption.

Performance benefits of SWap-C LEO include reduced power consumption. This is due to a Focal Plane Array (FPA) operating at a temperature of 110K within a smaller dewar volume. The product also comes with standard electronics, such as a 14-bit CameraLink output used in defence applications, for easier integration into IR systems.

“Every year brings new challenges in military applications. Improving SWaP features are recurring expectations placed on IR detector manufacturers. Sofradir’s number one objective is to offer unsurpassed compactness, weight, power consumption and value for money across our range of IR products and thereby improve the operational efficiency of target and surveillance equipment,” said Laurent Fullana, General Manager, Sofradir. “We are excited to show our VGA 15μm pixel pitch SWap-C LEO to systems integrators and other AeroIndia visitors. It is a trailblazing product building on a strong heritage of proven building blocks. We have already received strong interest from developers of airborne systems.”

SWap-C LEO is entering commercial production. Orders are in the pipeline with planned delivery in Q2 2015.

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