150W LED floodlight features over 16,000lm

24th February 2016
Jordan Mulcare

GlacialLight, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech, announces a 150W outdoor LED floodlight which combines the latest CoB LED technology with GlacialTech thermal technology to produce up to 16,300lm. The GL-FL150 accepts universal AC voltage from 100-240V, comes in 60 or 120° beam angles and features an outdoor ready stainless steel mounting bracket with 360° vertical adjustability.

The GL-FL150 uses the latest CoB LEDs along with superior GlacialTech cooling technology to offer up to 16,300lm depending on colour temperature and beam angle. This high performance allows it to replace higher wattage metal halide lamps while providing better, more uniform lighting. While metal halide light must be reflected towards the source, wasting lumens, LED illlumination is directional, creating higher lighting efficiency per lumen.

The GL-FL150 operates from -40 to 50°C allowing it to operate year round in many outdoor locations. The fixture is rated a rugged IP66 for outdoor use and features a stainless steel mountin g bracket with 360° of vertical adjustability. An outdoor stake light bracket is also available for mounting in soft ground.

The GL-FL150 comes in either 60 or 120° beam angles to suit various lighting applications, as well as three colour temperatures: 3000K Warm White, 4000K Neutral White, and 5000K Cool White. Accepting universal AC voltage from 100-240VAC, it’s compatible with standard mains voltage worldwide.

With a 30,000 hour service life the GL-FL150 outlasts metal halide lamps and lighting output stays much more consistent over time than the rapid lumen depreciation associated with halide bulbs. RoHS compliant, no mercury or toxic chemicals are used, and there is no UV or IR radiation from the GL-FL150 making it a more environmentally friendly and safe lighting solution than metal halide lighting.

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