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18th April 2019
Natural sunlight in architectural floodlighting series

The LED lighting division of GlacialTech, GlacialLight, announced the natural sunlight GL-FL35-NL Architectural Floodlighting series. The new lighting fixtures use the SEOUL SunLike CoB to light up objects in their natural colours. The CRI is 97, as well as the CQS (Colour Quality Scale) is up to 98. The colour fidelity index (TM-30-15 Rf) and colour gamut score (TM-30-15 Rg) are close to natural light.

23rd January 2019
Powerful, energy efficient LED searchlight

The lighting division of GlacialTech, GlacialLight, has announced a new energy efficient, powerful and endurable LED searchlight. The GL-BL150-SL is a 147W searchlight for outdoor lighting applications with rugged IP66 rated weatherproof design. Featuring up to 13,200 lumen output, the GL-BL150-SL produces over one hundred thousand lux at one meter distance.

6th July 2018
New high bay light with dimming feature announced

A new, dimmable high bay light has been announced by GlacialLight with the GL-BL190DA. With up to 23,000lm, it comes with 124lm/W lighting efficiency. It features a 4kg lightweight yet IP66 rugged outdoor ready design and available with beam shaping options including 70 and 120° lenses to suit various lighting applications.

24th February 2016
150W LED floodlight features over 16,000lm

GlacialLight, the LED lighting division of GlacialTech, announces a 150W outdoor LED floodlight which combines the latest CoB LED technology with GlacialTech thermal technology to produce up to 16,300lm. The GL-FL150 accepts universal AC voltage from 100-240V, comes in 60 or 120° beam angles and features an outdoor ready stainless steel mounting bracket with 360° vertical adjustability.

21st January 2016
35W IP66 rugged outdoor flood lights operates in -40°C

GlacialLigh announces a series of rugged 35W outdoor flood lights. The GL-FL35 LED lights feature CoB LEDs cooled by a high performance GlacialTech heatsink in an IP66 rugged weatherproof enclosure. The new flood lights add a 35W option to GlacialLight’s Floodlight range and generate up to 3780lm of light output, perfect for residential security lighting and building lighting applications.

8th January 2016
15W outdoor flood lights features motion detection capability

GlacialLight announces a series of 15W floodlights designed for outdoor lighting. The GL-FL15 floodlights feature highly efficient 115lm/W lighting in an outdoor-ready IP66 rugged enclosure and optional motion-sensor. They operate from -40 to +50°C and an outdoor stake bracket accessory increases installation options. 

24th November 2015
LED lighting technology provides up to 115lm per watt

GlacialLight, the lighting division of GlacialTech, announces the addition of the GL-FL55 to its flood light series. Using the latest in LED lighting technology the GL-FL55 is able to output up to 6300lm using a mere 55W, providing up to 115lm per watt. Its high energy efficiency along with its rugged IP66 rated aluminum housing and versatile mounting options with the outdoor-ready mounting bracket capable of 360 degrees of adjustment and optiona...

13th October 2015
Rugged LED fixture is strong enough for demanding warehouses

GlacialLight has announced a high power bay light. The GL-BL150 is a 147W bay light for high bay and outdoor lighting applications. Featuring up to 16,300lm output, the GL-BL150 produces enough illumination for demanding warehouse lighting applications and also features rugged IP66 weatherproof design for outdoor usage.

8th September 2015
6” recessed LED down lights deliver over 100lm/W

Designed for indoor lighting applications, GlacialLight has announced the GL-DLC06 LED down light for 6” recessed fittings which comes in 15 and 35W versions. The down lights leverage the latest high efficiency CoB LED package technology with cold forged thermal modules and a high power factor LED driver to achieve 100lm/W or more.

27th August 2015
Profits to move from LED packages towards LED drivers

GlacialLight announces the availability of its 2015 LED industry outlook report, LED Lighting Industry and Value Chain Shift, an in-depth look at the current state of the $27.5bn LED lighting industry, and a forecast of upcoming changes based on market trends.

20th July 2015
Emergency backup module for LED panel & troffer lights

GlacialLight has announced an emergency backup module for its PL0606 and PL0312 ceiling panel lights and an emergency light version of its TL0606 troffer light. The GL-EM01F emergency backup module installs directly on the PL0606 and PL0312 panel lights and powers the emergency light version of the TL0606 troffer light, providing 90 minutes or more of constant-current power to keep these LED luminaires running in case of building power loss.

26th March 2015
LED spot light produces up to 2800lm at 30W

  A LED spot light, which produces up to 2800lm at 30W and is compatible with three-Circuit lighting tracks, has been introduced by GlacialLight. For complete lighting freedom, the GL-TSL30 rotates 360° horizontally and 90° vertically. 

16th March 2015
LED panel light consumes only 14.8W & produces up to 1260lm

  Designed for indoor commercial lighting, the GL-PL0303-V2 and GL-PL0312-V2 LED ceiling lights have been introduced by GlacialLight. Measuring 295mm, the LED panel lights fit easily within the width of standard modular ceiling tiles without consuming too much energy. 

5th March 2015
10,000lm outdoor floodlight provides 111lm/W

GlacialLight has announced a flood light model, the GL-FL100. With an IP66 rating suitable for outdoor operation, the GL-FL100 features a powerful 10,000lm CoB LED housed in a light and corrosion resistant aluminum body. By using smart thermal design including evaporative heat pipe technology, the GL-FL100 achieves 111lm/W efficiency.

12th February 2015
LED bay lights provide 10,000-10,700lm at 96W

A series of bay lights, which provide 10,000-10,700lm of low glare LED light using just 96W, has been released by GlacialLight. Featuring a Unified Glare Rating of less than 19, the GL-BL100 lights produce light soft enough for hospital use and bright enough for high bay warehouse lighting. The LEDs are offered with a 70° beam angle lens for spot lighting or a 125° lens for flood lighting and area illumination. For indoor aesthetics, 60 a...

22nd December 2014
Updated LED panel light enhances performance by up to 90lm/W

A thinner, lighter and more energy efficient version of the Pollux GL-PL0606-V2, manufactured by GlacialLight, has been released. Enhancing performance by up to 90lm/W, the 60cm LED panel light is optionally available three-in-one dimming. Compared to traditional fluorescent office lighting, the device provides higher quality even lighting across its entire lighting surface.

15th December 2014
Compact panel light offers up to 1600lm of LED light

Offering up to 1600lm of energy efficient LED light in a 24cm2 package, the GL-PL24-SM panel light has been introduced by GlacialLight. The panel light provides more uniform lighting to that of fluorescent tube lights, making it suitable for indoor lighting applications. The GL-PL24-SM is offered in Warm White (3000K), Neutral White (4000K), or Cool White (5700K) colour temperatures.

26th November 2014
Bay Light heatsinks target 100 to 250W LED applications

GlacialTech has introduced a range of lightweight, Bay Light heatsinks for 100 to 250W LED applications. The Igloo SR100, SR150, SR200, SR200HP and SR250HP heatsinks are made through a stamping process and achieve superb thermal performance from 0.71 to 0.39°C/W at a competitive price point. The devices are also available in heat pipe models for even higher thermal efficiency for high power CoB applications.

18th November 2014
Efficient LED bay light provides versatility & flexiblity

The GL-BL60, a fully adjustable bay light for both indoor and outdoor applications, is a 54W addition to GlacialLight's Arcturus Bay Light series. With an adjustable gimbal bracket, the GL-BL60 can be adjusted by 360° on the horizontal axis and 180° on the vertical axis. It achieves 6250lm of white LED light at an energy-efficient 116lm/W. A robust IP66 rating means it is waterproof and rugged enough for outdoor use.

11th September 2014
LED low bay light produces 3200lm from 30W

A durable LED low bay light, the GL-BL30, has been introduced by GlacialLight. Illuminating indoor spaces at 107lm/W, the LED light can produce up to 3200lm from a power supply of just 30W. The GL-BL30 is IP65 rated, 100-277VAC compatible and, therefore, is suited for home environments, retail environments and harsher environments such as a restaurant kitchen or garage.

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