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Transducer for high performance audio applications

20th May 2014
Nat Bowers

A 3" (75mm) round neodymium audio drive unit for high performance audio applications, Tectonic Elements has announced the latest addition to its family of Balanced Mode Radiator (BMR) speaker drivers. The TEBM46C20N-4B transducer delivers extended frequency range and wide audio dispersion from a very compact audio transducer.

This latest BMR loudspeaker combines all the benefits of NXT patented bending-wave technology with pistonic modes of operation. The unique audio characteristics of Tectonic BMRs make the acoustic driver suitable for small portable systems such as wireless speakers, sound bars, table digital radios, docking stations, and compact surround-sound satellite speakers - all of which require excellent bass and clear, room-filling audio dispersion.

Measuring just 34.7mm deep and weighing a mere 194g, the small form-factor TEBM46C20N-4B delivers a sound pressure level at 1W/1Metre of 86dB. Nominal frequency range is from 150Hz to 20kHz.The driver has a nominal impedance of 4Ω, 20W continuous power handling and is compatible with all amplifier topologies.

Caroline O’Brien, Managing Director, Tectonic Elements, commented: “Our new BMR speaker enables audio system manufacturers to more affordably develop compact, high quality sound systems. This new model delivers exceptionally detailed sound and output volume for home-theatre, computer, mini hi-fi speakers and other compact audio applications.”

"Tectonic Elements BMR drive units can reproduce full range audio at exceptionally wide angles of coverage. Unlike conventional cone designs that increasingly narrow their coverage or 'beam' as audio frequencies increase and therefore narrow a stereo image to a single perfect listening location or 'sweet-spot', BMR's deliver full range audio to the entire room while maintaining a clear stereo image," added Neil Robb, Sales Manager, Tectonic Elements.

Tectonic is sampling the TEBM46C20N-4B speaker driver with key customers and it is available in mass production quantities.

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