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ADC supports signal bandwidths of up to 125 MHz

21st April 2021
Mick Elliott

The AD9083 analogue-to-digital converter (ADC) from Analog Devices is now in stock at distributor Mouser Electronics.

The ADC provides engineers with 16 channels, support for signal bandwidths of up to 125 MHz, and flexible power-down options that allow significant power savings in applications such as millimetre-wave imaging and phased array radar applications.

It is a continuous time, sigma-delta (CTSD) ADC supporting signal bandwidths of up to 125 MHz.

The device is designed with a host of integrated digital signal processing (DSP) blocks for very low power consumption as well as an on-chip clock/PLL for easy multi-chip sync in a compact 9 mm × 9 mm package. 

Integrated DSP includes a programmable cascaded integrator comb (CIC) decimation filter, a mixer with numerically-controlled oscillator (NCO), and a multistage decimation finite input response (FIR) filter to significantly reduce the post-processing typically assumed by the FPGA, lowering cost and power consumption.

Also available from Mouser Electronics is the Analog Devices AD9083EBZ evaluation board that includes all of the support circuitry required to operate the AD9083 in various modes and configurations using Analog Devices' "Analysis, Control, Evaluation" (ACE) software.

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