Infineon introduces the EZ-USB 10 Gbps peripheral controller

29th November 2023
Harry Fowle

Infineon Technologies has introduced the latest addition to the EZ-USB family: The FX10 peripheral controller.

The device offers fast connectivity with USB 10Gbps and LVDS interfaces, increasing the total bandwidth up to 3 times compared to its predecessor.

The EZ-USB FX10 is equipped with dual ARM Cortex-M4 and M0+ core CPUs, a 512 KB flash, a 128 KB SRAM, a 128 KB ROM, and seven serial communication blocks (SCBs). It also includes a cryptography accelerator and a high-bandwidth data subsystem. The high-bandwidth data subsystem enables direct memory access (DMA) data transfers between LVDS/LVCMOS and USB ports at speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Data transfer is supported by an additional 1 MB of SRAM for USB data buffering. The peripheral controller provides USB-C connector orientation detection and flip-mux functionality, eliminating the need for external logic. This comprehensive feature set makes the EZ-USB FX10 an ideal choice for developers looking for a powerful and adaptable USB controller.

The EZ-USB FX10 requires a smaller PCB footprint and thus helps to optimise the BOM. The 10 x 10 mm² BGA package makes it ideal for space-constrained applications. Additionally, it supports USB-C direct connection without a high-speed signal multiplexer, which simplifies the design process. The Quick Start Development Kit includes firmware and a configuration tool for easy integration. The EZ-USB FX10 DVK (development kit) also comes with a standard FPGA Mezzanine Card (FMC) connector for easy connection to field-programmable gate array (FPGA) boards and an all-in-one programming and debugging accessory board. The controller comes with a comprehensive set of application notes for hardware and software design, enabling developers to create high-performance devices for various applications.

The EZ-USB FX10 will be officially launched at the International Technical Exhibition on Image Technology and Equipment (ITE 2023) in Yokohama, Japan on 6 December.

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