Infineon expands Rust ecosystem for AURIX

5th April 2024
Harry Fowle

Infineon, together with partners like HighTec EDV-Systeme, have further expanded the Rust ecosystem for its AURIX microcontrollers.

HighTec just released the first ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Rust compiler for AURIX TC3x and TC4x which ensures the software’s reliability and performance necessary to meet the rigorous requirements of the automotive industry. The overall Rust ecosystem for AURIX also includes Infineon’s peripheral access crates (PAC) for the TC37x, a set of Bluewind peripheral drivers, the Rust runtime NOS from Veecle as well as tools from Lauterbach and PLS which allow customers to evaluate and develop safe and secure applications with Rust.

HighTec’s ISO 26262 ASIL D qualified Rust compiler comes with a preconfigured cargo build system for seamless access to the Rust ecosystem for AURIX, including I/O crates, drivers, a Rust runtime, example projects including use cases with a mixed integration of Rust with C/C++, and a Rust integration of PXROS-HR, HighTec's safety-certified real-time operating system. HighTec’s compiler complements its proven C/C++ compiler for AURIX, which is also based on the cutting-edge open source LLVM compiler technology. Together they ensure a seamless integration of Rust code with legacy C/C++ code for the best possible interoperability between both languages.

“This hybrid approach is probably the most interesting, as many projects using Rust are expected to re-use legacy code and to preserve the C/C++ investment,” said Mario Cupelli, CTO at HighTec. “We are proud to contribute to Infineon’s Rust ecosystem with the first safety-qualified Rust compiler, supporting AURIX customers in developing secure, safer and more efficient applications.”

“Rust enables developers to leverage the benefits of our MCUs to minimise safety risks, shorten development cycles, and reduce costs. In the automotive industry, integration of a robust software ecosystem is crucial as tools are required to meet automotive-grade standards”, said Thomas Schneid, Senior Director Software, Partnership and Ecosystem Management at Infineon. “We are looking forward to collaborate with our Rust partners like HighTec to provide a complete Rust ecosystem for AURIX.”

The Rust ecosystem for AURIX furthermore includes Infineon’s newly released PAC for TC37x as starting point for TC3x and TC4x. Together with a set of Bluewind peripheral drivers written in Rust using the PAC, customers can evaluate the benefits of the hardware access via Rust. The included Rust runtime NOS from Veecle integrates AURIX with PXROS-HR; Lauterbach and PLS have added improved Rust support for their AURIX solutions. The new extended AURIX Rust ecosystem also includes a full set of documentation.

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