Power efficient 512-Kilobit and 1-Megabit Serial F-RAM V-Family memory

31st March 2009
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Ramtron has launched two more devices in a family of new parallel and serial F-RAM products that offer higher-speed read/write performance, lower voltage operation, and optional device features. The newest devices in Ramtron’s V-Family of F-RAM products are the 512-Kilobit FM24V05, and the 1-Megabit FM24V10. The new products are 2.0 to 3.6-volt, serial nonvolatile RAMs in 8-pin SOIC packages that use the two-wire (I2C) protocol.
The FM24V05 and FM24V10 feature fast access, NoDelay™ writes, virtually unlimited read/write cycles, and low power consumption. The devices are drop-in replacement for 512Kb and 1Mb serial Flash and serial EEPROM memories in industrial controls, metering, medical, military, gaming, and computing applications, among others.

“We now offer 512-Kilobit and 1-Megabit device options in our V-Family lineup with the I2C interface that operate at a lower and wider voltage range for greater power efficiency,” remarks Mike Peters, Ramtron marketing manager. “The FM24V05 and FM24V10 provide a significant upgrade over EEPROM devices due to their lower power consumption, orders of magnitude more endurance, and improved read and write performance.”

The FM24V05 is ideal for nonvolatile memory applications that require frequent or rapid writes, such as data collection, where the number of write cycles may be critical. Demanding industrial controls can benefit from the FM24V05 where the long write time of EEPROM can cause data loss. All serial F-RAM V-Family products can be equipped with optional device features including unique serial numbering and a customizable system reset.

Other devices within the Ramtron V-Family of F-RAM products include the recently announced FM25V05 (512Kb) and FM25V10 (1Mb) serial SPI products, and the FM28V100 (1Mb) parallel nonvolatile RAM.

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