Robust SSD combats harsh environments

29th April 2024
Mick Elliott

Astute Group is now offering the Exascend Radiation Hardened PR4 industrial SSD.

This is an ultra-robust storage solution designed to withstand extreme conditions and the most demanding applications in industries where equipment is exposed to radiation.

Tailored for mission-critical systems within aerospace, nuclear energy, and high-reliability industrial settings, the PR4 SSD delivers exceptional reliability and resilience in the face of harsh environments.

Engineered with radiation hardening in mind, the PR4 features Exascend’s Neutron Shield 2.0 – a suite of advanced technologies ensuring uncompromising data integrity even under challenging conditions.

This includes specialised firmware, error correction algorithms, and hardware shielding techniques specifically designed to counter the damaging effects of radiation.

The PR4 is also MIL-STD-810 rated, able to withstand shock, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and other physical stressors commonly encountered in rugged deployments.

Additional features like conformal coating and underfill technology further bolster the PR4’s robustness by protecting the components from moisture ingress and strengthening delicate connections against vibration-induced failures.

The SSD delivers PCIe Gen4 NVMe Performance.

Extensive customisation options are available.

Typical applications cover space and aerospace electronics, nuclear energy and research facilities, industrial and medical imaging systems, defence and military systems and high-altitude aviation equipment.

Astute Group is an authorised design-in partner for Exascend.

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