Qencode and Backblaze scale up with integrated Cloud storage powered by Backblaze B2 Partner API

31st August 2023
Kristian McCann

Backblaze announced an expanded partnership with Qencode. The expanded partnership embeds the Backblaze Partner API within the Qencode platform, making it frictionless for users to add cloud storage to their media production workflows.

Recognising the growing demand for integrated and efficient cloud storage within media production, Qencode's alliance with Backblaze creates a new paradigm for cutting-edge video APIs fortified by a reliable and efficient cloud storage solution. This integration empowers flexible workflows consisting of uploading, transcoding, storing, and delivering video content for media and over-the-top (OTT) companies of all sizes. By integrating the platforms, this partnership provides top-tier features while simplifying the complexities and reducing the risks often associated with innovation.

"We want to set new standards for value in an industry that is fragmented and complex," said Murad Mordukhay, CEO of Qencode. "By merging Qencode's advanced video processing capabilities with Backblaze's reliable cloud storage, we're addressing a critical industry need for seamless integration and efficiency. Integrating Backblaze's Partner API takes our platform to the next level, providing users with a single, streamlined interface for all their video and media needs."

The easy-to-use interface and affordability make Qencode an ideal choice for businesses who need video processing at scale without compromising spend or flexibility. Qencode enables businesses of all sizes to customise and control a complete end-to-end solution, from sign-on to billing, which includes seamless access to Backblaze storage through the Qencode software as a service (SaaS) platform.

"Expanding this partnership with Qencode is taking our API technology a step further in making cloud storage more accessible to businesses whose mission is to simplify user experience," said Elton Carneiro, Head of Partnerships at Backblaze. "We are excited to work with a specialist like Qencode to bring a simple and low cost storage solution to businesses who need it the most."

Backblaze provides developers, businesses, and consumers with cloud services to store and use their data in an easy and affordable manner, serving as a foundation for customers to back up and archive data, host content, manage media, build applications, and more. Backblaze's mission is to make storing and using data astonishingly easy.

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