High-performance industrial SD and microSD memory cards

17th December 2018
Alex Lynn

Global broad-line stocking distributor Rutronik, has announced that Swissbit’s high-performance Industrial SD and microSD Memory Cards Series are now available. The SD and microSD Memory Cards are designed and tested to withstand extreme environmental conditions, and deliver sustained high performance and endurance in a variety of applications.

These applications include surveillance systems, data logging equipment, boot media, entertainment and navigation systems, and ‘black box’/crash recorders. 

“The Industrial SD and microSD Memory Cards from Swissbit are manufactured and tested in Swissbit’s own fab to offer maximum sustained performance and endurance under the most extreme environmental conditions for a wide range of critical use applications,” said Mary Ellen Bauchman, Director, Product Marketing North America at Rutronik.

Both the Industrial SD and microSD Memory Cards Series are part of Swissbit’s durabit and everbit product families, which use architectural improvements such as page-based flash translation layer (FTL) to decrease the write amplification factor (WAF) for small writes, enabling endurance and random write performance in critical use cases. The durabit products are multi-level cell (MLC) devices optimised for cost sensitive data logging applications, and offer performance and endurance reportedly up to 100 times higher compared to standard solutions. 

In contrast, everbit products use pseudo single-level cell (pSLC) technology to provide seven times more endurance than standard MLC devices, and are optimised for write-intensive applications. Other benefits of the everbit product range include increased card lifetime and high random access performance support.

In addition, the Industrial SD and microSD Memory Cards Series feature Swissbit's ‘Power Fail Safety’, advanced wear levelling and bad block management, autonomous data care management, robust molded packaging with 30μm gold contacts, and page-based firmware management. Both series are also available with security features, and are supported by the Swissbit Life Time Monitoring Tool, which uses detailed S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology), enabling users to access detailed lifetime drive statistics, and allowing the prediction of imminent failure to avoid unexpected data loss.

Swissbit’s Industrial SD Memory Cards are available at Rutronik24 in the S-45, S-450, S-455, and S-46 Series, along with the microSD memory cards, which are available in the S-45μ, S-450μ, S-455μ, S-46μ Series.

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