Embedded flash drives are based on 3D NAND technology

21st August 2018
Mick Elliott

The iNAND 8521 embedded flash drives (EFDs) from SanDisk are in stock at Mouser Electronics. Built with 3D NAND technology and the fast UFS 2.1 interface, the EFDs offer excellent read and write performance, delivering a storage solution for the most data-intensive mobile devices, as well as thin-and-light compute devices.

The drives are 11.5 × 13 × 1.0mm storage solutions based on SanDisk’s latest 3D NAND technology.

With a fast UFS 2.1 Gear 3 two-lane interface, the EFDs provide energy-efficient, plug-and-play integration in devices with demanding data-centric applications.

They offer exceptional write performance, with up to 500MBytes per second (MBps) of sequential write speed and 45K input/output operations per second (IOPs) random write speed for fast file transfer and content download.

The devices’ optimised controller architecture enables improved read performance, providing 800MBps sequential read and 50K IOPs random read speed, which results in quick system boot-up and app launches.

Offering capacities from 32GBytes to 256GBytes in a small form factor, the SanDisk iNAND 8521 EFDs allow scalability and design flexibility in data-driven applications such as augmented reality (AR), high-resolution video capture, rich social media experiences, artificial intelligence (AI), and Internet of Things (IoT) edge devices.

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