Pasternack launches innovative ultra-wideband bias tees

28th June 2023
Paige West

Pasternack has announced the launch of its ultra-wideband bias tees for enhancing seamless application of DC and RF signals to electronic devices.

These in-stock bias tees, designed to set the DC bias point of electronic components without disturbing their operation, cover a remarkable frequency range from 50 to 110GHz. This capability caters to a wide array of applications, thereby ensuring no customer need goes unfulfilled.

Emphasising the product’s adaptability, Pasternack’s bias tees come in both male and female W1 RF connector configurations, along with an SMC male DC connector. They are built for resilience, housed in small, rugged aluminium packages that are guaranteed to meet MIL-STD-202F tests for thermal shock, mechanical shock, and vibration.

The bias tees not only ensure efficient DC biasing thanks to the SMC connector, but also offer metrology-grade quality. These robust mechanical designs with W1 1mm connectors ensure minimal signal interaction, low insertion loss and impressive return loss characteristics.

In addition, Pasternack continues to prioritise environmental safety and sustainability. At the time of launch, the ultra-wideband bias tees are RoHS-compliant, ensuring adherence to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances directive.

“Pasternack has delivered a product that combines advanced technology with environmental consciousness. Our new ultra-wideband bias tees show our commitments to quality, customer service and making a positive impact on the planet,” said Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager.

Pasternack’s new ultra-wideband bias tees are in stock and available for same-day shipping.

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