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6th July 2020
Positive slope equalisers cover wide frequency range

Pasternack has just introduced a new line of positive slope equalisers that are well suited to compensating for gain variation and optimising performance in systems where excessive losses may occur at the low end of the frequency band. 

6th July 2020
Bi-phase modulators operating in bands from 0.5 to 40GHz

Pasternack has just launched a new line of bi-phase modulators that includes a comprehensive selection of nine different models covering broad octave frequency bands ranging from 0.5 to 40GHz. 

Test & Measurement
1st June 2020
Seven fixed load VNA calibration kits from Pasternack

Pasternack has just released a new line of short-open-load-through (SOLT) calibration kits that are well suited for use in test and measurement, lab and RF & Microwave production test applications.

15th May 2020
Pasternack debuts new antennas to address growing markets

Pasternack has introduced a new line of GPS timing antennas, vehicular antennas, and a 118 to 174MHz tunable, telescopic antenna to address mobile wireless, portable instrumentation and wireless monitoring applications.

3rd April 2020
Waveguide shorts and shims deliver high RF performance

Pasternack has just released a new line of waveguide shorts and shims that are well suited for use in satellite communication, radar, wireless communication, and test and instrumentation applications.

13th March 2020
Double ridge waveguide electromechanical relay switches

Pasternack has just launched a new series of Double Ridge Waveguide Electromechanical Relay Switches which perform over broader frequency bands, making them ideal for applications involved with electronic warfare, electronic countermeasures, microwave radio, VSAT, radar, test instrumentation, and research and development.

11th March 2020
Waveguide antennas include dual polarised types

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and a provider of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products, has expanded its offering of mmWave waveguide antennas to address the growing number of 5G and other high-frequency applications.

29th January 2020
High frequency waveguide straights, bends and twists

Pasternack has just launched a new series of waveguide straight sections, bends and twists that are commonly used in satellite communication, radar and airport security system applications. Pasternack’s new waveguide transmission components feature high frequency ranges from 90 to 220GHz in three waveguide bands. 

20th January 2020
New Class AB high power amplifiers feature optional heatsinks

Pasternack has just launched a new series of high power, Class AB broadband amplifier modules that incorporate GaN, LDMOS or VDMOS semiconductor technology. The combination of high linearity and efficiency with low distortion over a wide dynamic range make them suitable for a variety of applications including communications systems, military radio, radar, signal jamming, test and measurement and base stations.

13th January 2020
High power attenuators with range of frequency coverage

Pasternack has launched a new line of ten, 25, 50 and 100 Watt RF attenuators with operating frequencies up to 18GHz depending on the configuration. Pasternack now offers 31 high power, fixed attenuators which offer attenuation levels of three, six, ten, 20, 30 and 40dB. Additionally, in-series connector gender interfaces are available in male-female configurations with both SMA and Type-N connector options.

6th January 2020
5G solutions suite meets the needs of engineers

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand, has announced a comprehensive portfolio of 5G RF solutions serving the urgent needs of engineers and technicians around the world with high-grade RF components and cable assemblies shipped same-day to support 5G innovation, testing and deployments.

4th November 2019
Coax surge protectors support frequency ranges of 698MHz to 2.7GHz

Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand and provider of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products, has just launched a new series of coaxial surge protectors designed to protect valuable communications equipment from power surges and indirect lightning strikes.

12th September 2019
Frequency dividers with rugged SMA connectorised packages

Pasternack has launched a new line of frequency divider modules that cover broadband frequencies from 0.1 to 20GHz. A comprehensive selection of 28 different models is offered with a variety of fixed divide-by-ratios from two to 40. These prescalers are ideal for use in phase locked loop (PLL) and frequency synthesiser circuit designs, as well as test instrumentation. 

15th July 2019
RF limiters protect sensitive receiver components

Pasternack has expanded its line of broadband, high power coaxial limiters that are designed to help protect sensitive components in the receive chain and other microwave circuits in close proximity to high power signals. The typical applications for these RF limiters include electronic warfare, military communications, instrumentation, fibre optic communication systems, SATCOM, radar, point-to-point wireless, telecom and R&D applications.

24th June 2019
Power dividers operate in frequencies from 26.5 to 67GHz

Pasternack has launched a new series of high frequency power dividers available with no MOQ and same-day shipping. These new high frequency power dividers are ideal for 5G cellular communication, automotive radar and satellite communication applications.

10th June 2019
Pasternack receives Supplier Excellence Award

Pasternack has announced that it has received the Supplier Excellence Award from Raytheon Integrated Defense Systems for superior supplier performance. Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business instituted the annual Supplier Excellence Awards programme to recognise suppliers who have provided outstanding service and partnership in exceeding customer requirements.

14th May 2019
Millimetre-wave waveguide antennas up to 220GHz

The provider of RF microwave and millimetre wave products, Pasternack, has released a new line of waveguide antennas designed to address research and development, military/aerospace, experimental radar, test and measurement and wireless communication applications from 40 to 220GHz.

29th April 2019
Skew matched cable pairs for high-speed networking

Specialist provider of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products Pasternack, an Infinite Electronics brand, has extended its skew matched cable pair product line to include 40 and 67GHz models that are suited for high-data-rate digital systems development. The expanded product line is made up of seven skew matched cables offered in 40 and 67GHz versions, three original models and four newly released. 

29th April 2019
Line of custom low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies expanded

  Pasternack has expanded its offering of low-PIM coaxial cable assemblies to offer customers even more connector options to address DAS, wireless infrastructure, multi-carrier communication systems, WISP, small cell installations and PIM testing applications.

18th April 2019
Temperature-conditioned, low-loss RF cable assemblies

A new line of temperature-conditioned, high-reliability RF cable assemblies that are well suited for avionics, military electronics, IFF, SATCOM, ECM and other mission critical applications, have been introduced by Pasternack, a provider of RF, microwave and millimetre wave products. 

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