Pasternack release RF attenuators with 3.5mm connectors

22nd February 2024
Kristian McCann

Pasternack has unveiled its latest RF fixed attenuators equipped with 3.5mm connectors. These attenuators are designed to elevate RF signal management across a spectrum of applications.

Crafted to address the requirements of contemporary RF systems, the RF fixed attenuators deliver exceptional precision and dependability. They boast an extensive attenuation spectrum from 0dB to 30dB, affording engineers the versatility to adjust RF signal strength with unparalleled accuracy. This feature guarantees superior performance in a variety of RF contexts, including telecommunications and aerospace.

These attenuators are engineered to function effectively at frequencies up to 26GHz, with capabilities extending to 33GHz, thus offering superior accuracy and reliability in high-frequency RF systems. They are particularly suited for scenarios where maintaining signal integrity at higher frequencies is essential.

Furthermore, the new attenuators demonstrate high linearity, ensuring that RF signals retain consistent amplitude and phase characteristics across diverse signal strengths. This attribute is vital for applications where signal integrity is critical, such as in wireless communications and radar systems.

Additionally, these attenuators exhibit outstanding return loss performance, minimising signal reflections and maximising the absorption of incident RF power. This leads to enhanced system efficiency and diminished interference in RF deployments.

"Pasternack's latest RF fixed attenuators with 3.5mm connectors epitomise our dedication to innovation and excellence," stated Product Line Manager Steven Pong. "For those in telecommunications, aerospace, or any field related to RF, these devices offer the precision and dependability your projects necessitate."

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