Pasternack introduces enhanced rubberduck and whip-style antennas

6th November 2023
Paige West

Pasternack has unveiled its sophisticated array of rubberduck and whip-style antennas. These antennas are designed to improve wireless applications, showcasing Pasternack's commitment to developing high-efficiency solutions of high quality.

The latest rubberduck and whip-style antennas from Pasternack are the epitome of portability and high performance. Suited to a variety of contexts, they serve as lightweight, compact enhancements for radio systems. Engineered with precision, these antennas are tuned to specific frequency ranges, ensuring optimal operational efficiency.

The stubby-style antennas are particularly noteworthy, offering an optimal mix of compact design and excellent functionality. Covering a wide frequency range, including the busy 2.4GHz and the specific 916MHz, these antennas provide broad bandwidth to accommodate a range of wireless requirements.

The series boasts numerous features: a wide frequency spectrum, peak gains of 4.5 dBi, and a selection of designs from subtle concave shapes to versatile tilt and swivel styles, illustrating the diversity of the collection. In addition, with optimised performance for 4G LTE and 5G networks, these antennas are ready to meet the demands of emerging connectivity standards.

Adaptability is central to Pasternack's design ethos. The antennas are fitted with both SMA male and RPSMA connectors for seamless integration. The addition of a 90° connector adds versatility, while properties such as resistance to water and dust ingress, linear polarisation, and dual-band Wi-Fi capabilities render them superior choices in the antenna sector.

Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager at Pasternack, stated: "At Pasternack, we are driven to forge the path for future wireless communications. Our rubberduck and whip-style antennas reflect our steadfast commitment to excellence and our initiative to deliver advanced solutions."

Pasternack's rubberduck and whip-style antennas are currently in stock and ready for immediate dispatch.

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