No external components required after module upgrade

23rd May 2017
Alice Matthews

Following an update to RF Solutions' high performing ZETA module, it now includes simple SPI and UART interface. This upgrade means that the module requires no external components, meaning a fast and effective plug-and-play setup. This intelligent wireless transceiver module will be available on 433, 868 and 915MHz frequencies. This new module has been created for the mass market and allows a simplistic setup with only a few connections to power, comms and antenna, the user can quickly start sending and receiving data.

It will be simple to create networks of ZETAPLUS modules or point-to-point links, without the need for extensive RF expertise or time consuming register configuration, using a minimal and simple command set.

With a highly tuned on-board RF matching network, ZETAPLUS outperforms other modules achieving range far exceeding its competitors for the given power output/power consumption. ZETAPLUS is compact in size but can achieve a 2km range.

ZETAPLUS is expected to be used in sensor networks, sleepy nodes, and many other telemetry and control applications as well as being suitable for many other IoT applications.

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