High performance RF systems enable faster design

6th October 2016
Alice Matthews

Supplier of high-performance RF, microwave, millimetrewave and photonic products, MACOM, and X-Microwave, modular system designer, have announced the availability of MACOM-based RF components for use with X-Microwave’s online simulation and prototyping platform. 

Pre-configured with high-performance MACOM MMICs, these drop-in and cascadable components called X-MWblocks enable designers to quickly and easily architect modular, end-to-end RF systems.

MACOM’s support for the X-Microwave platform equips designers to take advantage of MACOM’s MMIC performance and quality, with the added ability to interconnect hundreds of compatible, pre-characterised X-MWblock components with solderless building block flexibility. This dramatically reduces evaluation and design complexity and enables designers to accelerate their time to market. With this collaboration, X-Microwave users can now take advantage of a broad selection of MACOM MMICs, spanning amplifiers, mixers, frequency multipliers, octave band VCOs, RF switches, voltage variable attenuators and phase shifters.

“MACOM is recognised in the industry for delivering MMIC products with superior RF performance, packaging and reliability all of which are optimised to meet designers’ most demanding system challenges,” said Graham Board, Senior Director, RF and Microwave, at MACOM. “Through our collaboration with X-Microwave, designers now have the ability to leverage all of these benefits in a manner that can dramatically accelerate their system prototyping and shorten design cycles.”

“X-Microwave is committed to optimising the design process for RF engineers through every phase of the development process,” said John Richardson, President and CEO, X-Microwave. “With the addition of MACOM MMICs to our component ecosystem, X-Microwave users are assured leading-edge RF performance and quality from the foremost innovator in the RF and microwave industry.”

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