Fairview Microwave launches trihedral corner reflectors

8th February 2024
Kristian McCann

Fairview Microwave, a brand under Infinite Electronics and a prominent supplier of RF, microwave, and millimetre-wave products, has unveiled its latest range of trihedral corner reflectors.

These devices are specifically designed to excel in the realms of radar technology and antenna testing, providing precise solutions for testing and measurement needs.

The newly introduced trihedral corner reflectors boast a distinctive geometry that effectively redirects incoming signals back to their source, establishing themselves as essential tools for radar technology and antenna testing. Their design is tailored to maximise signal reflection and measurement precision.

With dimensions ranging from 3.6 cm to 33 cm, these compact reflectors facilitate the easy simulation of radar targets of varying sizes, streamlining testing setups and ensuring accurate evaluations. They are crafted to achieve high radar cross-section values, which are critical for the precise assessment and calibration of radar systems, thereby improving the accuracy and dependability of measurement outcomes – a key factor in precision-critical applications.

Equipped with features such as precision machining, the trihedral corner reflectors promise reliable and accurate measurement outcomes. Their broad operating frequency range, spanning 10 to 100 GHz, allows for flexible application across various scenarios.

Additionally, the reflectors come with a 1/4-20 UNC threaded hole for straightforward tripod mounting, enhancing setup integration and measurement stability. They are finished with a durable gray powder coating, which not only improves their visual appeal but also ensures their durability in various environmental conditions.

Kevin Hietpas, Product Line Manager, stated: "Our latest reflectors provide radar technology and antenna testing professionals with a dependable and precise tool to augment their measurement capabilities, ensuring accuracy and efficiency in critical applications."

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