Bipolar e-trim op amp boasts low input bias current

2nd June 2022
Mick Elliott

The OPA2205 is a precision, bipolar e-trim op amp from Texas Instruments with super ß inputs. It is the next-gen of the industry-standard OPAx277 family.

The device uses TI's proprietary trimming technology to achieve an input offset voltage of ±2 µV (typical) and an input offset voltage drift of ±0.04 µV (typical).

Designed on a bipolar process, the OPA2205 provides a 3.6 MHz gain bandwidth for a 220 µA quiescent current. The device achieves a low voltage noise density of 7.2 nV/√Hz at 1 kHz.

Thanks to the super-beta inputs, the op amp has a very low input bias current of 100 pA (typical) and a current noise density of 110 fA/√Hz.

The high performance makes the op amp an excellent choice for systems requiring high precision and low power consumption such as flow and pressure transmitters, portable data acquisition (DAQ) systems, and high-density source measurement units (SMU).

The OPA2205 op amp is in stock at distributor Digi-Key.

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