Ramtron extends capability of its non-volatile state saver family with new 4-bit products

10th September 2007
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Ramtron International Corporation has expanded its non-volatile state saver family with the quad state saver – a 4-bit FRAM-based device that retains logic states without power and restores outputs automatically upon power up. Any change in state is automatically recorded in the non-volatile ferroelectric latch, which is possible due to the fast writes, low power, and extremely high endurance of FRAM memory technology.
The FM111x 4-bit state savers are available in three variations: the FM1110 which operates at 5V and the FM1112 and FM1114 which operate at 3V. As simple to use as a dual latch or D-type flip-flop, the FM111x operates like a conventional logic building block, but stores and retains the logic state in the absence of power, simplifying the design of system control functions in applications such as switch interfaces, shift registers, relay drivers, LED drivers, recording error flags, power down state detection, tamper indicators, door open indicators, motor on/off control, DIP switch replacement, jumper replacement, and other non-volatile logic circuits. The FM1114 is unique in its ultra low standby current of less than 0.5µA, making it ideal for portable, battery-powered and low-power applications such as octal latches and non-volatile counters.

“The FM111x is a natural extension of the 2-bit state saver, and was developed for our customers whose applications require more data,” explains Craig Taylor, Ramtron Director of Technical Marketing. “The 4-bit state saver is the second product line in an evolving family of truly novel products. FRAM technology uniquely enables this capability due to its fast write time, low power and virtually unlimited endurance.”

This low-power, non-volatile state saver is a logic building block that provides continuous access to non-volatile system settings without reading a memory. It enables storage of signals that may change frequently and without notice, and it allows the non-volatile storage of system settings without the system overhead of a serial memory.

Product features
The FM1110 operates from 4.5V to 5.5V, the FM1112 operates from 2.7V to 3.6V with a low standby current of less than 10µA, and the FM1114 operates from 2.7V to 3.6V boasting an ultra-low standby current of less than 0.5µA. All devices change state continuously at 1KHz, offer an unlimited number of state changes, operate over the industrial temperature range of -40ºC to +85ºC, and come in a 16-pin “green” QFN package.

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