Programmable logic platform now available in military temperature rating

24th September 2007
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QuickLogic announces that the one million gate version of PolarPro, the industry's lowest power programmable logic technology, is now available in a mil-spec temperature rating. This innovative programmable device, incorporating embedded memory with built-in FIFO control, and advanced clock management control units, offers unparalleled design security.
We have a long history with the military industry in the areas of flight controls, avionics, missile systems, navigation systems, smart munitions and military communications systems. Our military customers value our technology, and many of them have requested parts with a million gate density that are rated for the full -55 to +125 degrees C mil-spec range, said Brian Faith of QuickLogic. With the new PolarPro QL1P1000, we have delivered.

The proprietary ViaLink technology used in the one million gate QL1P1000 device offers significant benefits for battery-powered, mission critical applications. PolarPro's VLP very low-power mode reduces current demand to less than 100 microamps, meaning smaller, lighter batteries can be used for easier portability.

The technology's reliable, non-volatile programming approach enables 'instant-on' operation, which is ideal for immediate recovery from brown-out situations. In addition, QL1P1000 is immune from Single Event Upsets (SEUs) or 'soft errors'.

Lastly, as programming of the ViaLink technology does not depend on external memory and cannot be read after programming, design details and security codes embedded in the programmable fabric are virtually impossible to reverse engineer, clone or tamper with.

The QL1P1000 device offers the reliability and capacity needed for the most demanding military applications. The reliability is based on a number of factors that QuickLogic paid special attention to in the development of this device such as the fabrication process, design and layout rules, testing of the device, software programming and the qualification plans and quality assurance procedures. This device also addresses the shock and vibration requirements of military designs by using special packaging to reduce their sensitivity to mechanical stresses. This high-density device is an excellent replacement for ASICs, which are more costly, experience shorter lifecycles and lack flexibility.

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