Lattice - FPGA Delivers Value for Wireless and Wireline Applications

1st September 2009
Staff Reporter

Lattice Semiconductor Corporation today announced that samples of the LatticeECP3-150 FPGA, the highest-density device in its high-value, low-power ECP3 mid-range FPGA family, are now generally available. Samples have already been shipping to select customers since July of this year.

The ECP3-150 features a higher DSP capacity of 320 18x18 multipliers, 6.8 Mbits of memory and up to sixteen 3.2Gbps SERDES channels, making it ideally suited for highly complex and integrated Wireless Remote Radio Heads (RRH) such as MIMO-based RF antenna solutions. The ECP3-150 FPGA also provides Wireline Access developers with unprecedented high-density, low-cost, low-power Ethernet, SONET and PCI Express solutions, with the lowest cost points and power footprints in the FPGA industry.

Our mid-range LatticeECP3 FPGA family offers our customers an unprecedented combination of low power, high value and the features and performance necessary for sophisticated wireless and wireline design applications. With samples of our ECP3-150 device now widely available, our customers can implement even more complex designs for wireless and wireline access and still benefit from the device's low power and economy, said Shakeel Peera, Lattice Marketing Director for SRAM FPGAs.

Lattice also provides intellectual property (IP) cores, development boards and software to enable customers to develop time-to-market solutions. A range of intellectual property (IP) cores including CPRI, OBSAI, Serial RapidIO, XAUI, SGMII/Gigabit Ethernet, PCI Express, SMPTE for serial connectivity, FIR filters, FFT, Reed-Solomon encoders/decoders, CORDIC, CIC, NCO for DSP functions and several others for memory interfaces and connectivity are available. The ECP3 family provides the best solution for the low cost serial interfaces used in 3G wireless basestations, Peera said.

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